Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Report: Obama to Ask for Billions to Fight Islamic State President's address will give a broad outline of his strategy without providing details of how much it would cost or how long it would last.

Peres, the pope and a plan for world peace Two months after completing his term as Israel's ninth president, 91-year-old Shimon Peres was pounding stony pavement at the Vatican.

Gay Parade in Jerusalem Brings Disaster on Israel For the past decade, the gay pride community has been holding an annual parade through the streets of Jerusalem, much to the vexation of most of the city's Jewish, Christian and Muslim residents.

Saudi Arabia's clerics condemn IS but preach intolerance Saudi Arabia applies Sharia Muslim law, has beheaded 20 people in the past month, and its clerics oversee a lavish state-funded religious infrastructure.

Obama ready to strike at Islamic State militants in Syria, he tells policy experts President Obama is prepared to use U.S. military airstrikes in Syria as part of an expanded campaign to defeat the Islamic State and does not believe he needs formal congressional approval to take that action, according to people who have spoken with the president in recent days.

India warns of al-Qaida terror plots against Israeli tourists during holiday season India has traditionally been a popular destination for Israeli hikers and backpackers, particularly during the Jewish holiday season.

Leader of Syrian Islamist Group Killed in Bomb Blast Hassan Abboud, leader of Ahrar al-Sham, killed with other top commanders in a bomb blast in the north-western town of Ram Hamdan.

Russia and Iran Planning to Boost Economic Ties Russia and Iran, both under sanctions from the West, plan to increase trade with one another.

Pentagon: 'ISIL realizes' that against U.S. airpower, odds for survival are 'nil' The United States has refrained from targeting the commanders of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, but the Pentagon said air strikes against ISIL have been effective.

Juncker gives key EU economy jobs to UK and France The UK will oversee financial services in the new 28-strong European Commission - a surprise move that delighted the UK's PM David Cameron.