Friday, November 22, 2019


Calls for Netanyahu to Resign After Indictment, He Claims it is a "Coup" Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit announced the decision on Thursday to indict Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on corruption charges including bribery, breach of trust and fraud.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Indicted on Bribery, Fraud, and Breach of Trust Charges Israel's attorney general on Thursday formally charged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a series of corruption cases, throwing the country's paralyzed political system into further disarray and threatening the long-time leader's grip on power.

Foreign Minister Israel Katz: US must upgrade military threat on Iran Prior to speech at The Jerusalem Post conference, FM Katz only called for sanctions.

When ISIS Rises Again The group has lost its territory and its leader. But it has survived before - and can do it again.

Matt Gurney: This seems an odd time for Canada to switch from its nuanced policy on Israel If this is what foreign policy under a Trudeau minority government is going to look like, it's going to be a bleak few years.

Anti-State of Israel rabbi visits Jewish State after hero's farewell in New York A leading rabbi of a hasidic sect, Satmar, which rejects the existence of the current State of Israel arrived in the Jewish State on Tuesday.

Trump and the "Settlements": A Preliminary Analysis The Trump administration's decision to repudiate an earlier approach that regarded Israeli communities across the "Green Line" as illegal has been praised and condemned.

Iran: Hard Times for Ayatollahs It is an irony that not even the most devoted supporters of the ayatollahs can ignore that a country such as Iran, that prides itself on being one of the world's largest oil producers, is unable to produce enough fuel to satisfy the needs of its own population.

China, Greece And Italy Deepen Economic And Political Relations From a strictly financial and political perspective, Greece's departure from its third bailout from the Eurozone in August last year is viewed by many as effective.

3-D Scans Confirm Noah's Ark Buried in Turkish Mountains The Turkish Andalou news service reported that a film crew led by Cem Sertesen, who spent the past 22 years in search of the ark. Certessen released a documentary about finding the ark in 2017.