Wednesday, May 05, 2010


* Nuke-free ME popular at NPT summit Against the backdrop of US pressure to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons, attention is turning to Israel and the establishment of a nuclear weapons-free zone in the Middle East.

* Abbas gives talks four months Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas warned that should the negotiations fail to focus on key issues, they could collapse within a few months.

* Iraq election: Shia groups agree coalition deal Iraq's two biggest Shia political groups have announced they are to form a coalition, the first such announcement since elections in March.

* Iran begins new military maneuvers in Persian Gulf Iran's military has kicked off new war games in the strategic Persian Gulf waters - the country's second military show in less than a month.

* Global markets tumble as IMF warns on Greek contagion Global markets tumbled on Tuesday (4 may) as fears over the eurozone's debt crisis prompted a mass sell-off by investors.

* Lapses Allowed Suspect to Board Plane Why was Faisal Shahzad permitted to board a flight for Dubai some 24 hours after investigators of the Times Square terrorism case learned he might be connected to the attempted bombing?

* PA to Open Offices Illegally in Jerusalem The Palestinian Authority has decided to invest economic and other resources in various projects designed to Arabize Jerusalem.

* New IDF Weapon Defends Soldiers against Psychological Warfare IDF officers are learning how to help soldiers in the field respond to psychological methods used by the enemy to affect soldiers’ spirit and morale.

* After lengthy diplomacy, Mideast peace talks begin A U.S. mediator launched Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations Wednesday after a break of more than a year.

* Damascus slams US sanctions Syria has criticized the US renewal of sanctions against Damascus, describing them as a disappointment.