Friday, April 30, 2021


 45 crushed to death, over 150 hurt in stampede at mass Lag B’Omer event in Meron Many in critical condition as ambulances, helicopters evacuate victims from largest gathering held in Israel since COVID outbreak; kids said among dead, injured.

Lag Ba'omer tragedy: Why do Jews gather at Mt. Meron for bonfires? Every year, tens of thousands of Jews from all backgrounds arrive at Mt. Meron to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Lag Ba'omer, but why is this particular mountain so significant?

EU 'disappointed' in delay of 'Palestinian' elections European Union criticizes PA chief Mahmoud Abbas' decision to cancel elections, calls on Israel to backtrack and 'facilitate' elections.

Why Abbas Does Not Want Elections The violence erupted for one single reason: hatred for Israel and Jews. It erupted because many Muslims do not want to see Jews in Jerusalem or any part of Israel.

Fatah Declares "Religious War" in Jerusalem; "We Are Allah's Hand" The horrific scenes of violence in Jerusalem this week as Jews were attacked in the capital’s streets are evidence of Arab youths acting as “Allah’s hand,” Fatah has said.

Canceling election, Nakba Day and Ramadan could cause eruption - analysis The most immediate milestone could arise if Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas calls off the election for the Palestinian Legislative Council.

Ambassador: 'Israel's security will not be bound to any Iran deal' Gilad Erdan said that the Biden administration accepts Israel's right to defend itself.

Iran has funded Syrian militia groups, regime for years to the tune of billions John Kerry has denied allegations that he informed Javad Zarif of more than 200 Israeli airstrikes on Iranian targets in Syria.

Iran welcomes Saudi Arabia’s ‘change of tone’ - foreign ministry Iran on Thursday welcomed what it called a change of tone from Saudi Arabia and said it hoped they could work together to secure peace, amid moves to ease tensions between the regional rivals.

Taiwan Foreign Minister Warns China Is Preparing ‘Final Military Assault’ Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu told Sky News in an interview published Wednesday that China’s military forces “seem to be preparing for their final military assault against Taiwan.”