Tuesday, August 16, 2011


* 'US Withdrawal from Iraq to Help Iran Pulverize Israel' A total American pullout from Iraq will provide a "land bridge" for a Shi'ite Muslim Crescent – headed by Iran and Hizbullah – to "pulverize" Israel.

* Russian Stealth Fighter Plane to Star in Moscow Air Show When the United States was bogged down in Vietnam the Soviet Union used the interval to catch up strategically with the United States.

* Al Qaeda Leader Urges Muslims to Avenge Bin Laden The new head of the international Al Qaeda terrorist organization is urging Muslims around the world to avenge the assassination of the group's founder, Osama bin Laden.

* Libya conflict: Gaddafi forces 'launched Scud missile' Military forces loyal to Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi have fired a Scud missile for the first time in the country's six-month conflict.

* Syria using Iranian snipers as violent crackdown continues Iranian snipers are being used in Syria to put down the growing tide of demonstrations against president Bashar al-Assad.

* A primer on Palestinian statehood Sept. 20, when the annual session of the U.N. General Assembly opens, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is expected to ask U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to present a Palestinian request for statehood.

* Mideast Quartet 'greatly concerned' by Ariel housing plans The so-called Middle East Quartet of the United States, Russia, the European Union and the United Nations on Tuesday said they were alarmed by Israel's latest announcements about new settlement plans.

* 'Hamas refusing to hand over el-Arish terror suspects' The Hamas government in the Gaza Strip has refused several Egyptian requests to hand over Palestinian terrorists alleged to have participated in a recent attack on a police station in the Sinai city of El-Arish.

* Tehran says Russian plan could revive nuclear talks Iran welcomed on Tuesday a Russian attempt to revive talks with six world powers that are concerned about the its uranium enrichment program.

* PLO official accuses Syria of crimes against humanity The assault by Syrian security forces on a Palestinian refugee camp in the coastal city of Latakia amounts to a crime against humanity.