Wednesday, March 17, 2010


* Despite US Pressure, Israel Insists: No Preconditions for Talks Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's bureau appeared Tuesday to rebuff United States pressure to make immediate gestures toward the Palestinian Authority.

* Hillary Clinton affirms US support for Israel after row US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has dismissed the idea that US-Israeli relations are in crisis amid a row over Jewish settlers in Arab East Jerusalem.

* EuroMed 'Partnership' with Israel Focuses on PA State Israeli MKs sat down in Jordan this past week with Arab delegates at the environmentally-focused EuroMed conference.

* Followers of Sadr Emerge Stronger After Iraq Elections The followers of Moktada al-Sadr, a radical cleric who led the Shiite insurgency against the American occupation, have emerged as Iraq's equivalent of Lazarus in elections last week.

* Ailing Euro Seen as a Signal of Deeper Woes on Continent It used to be easy to sum up the way European business executives viewed exchange rates: a strong dollar was good; a strong euro was bad.

* 'The Palestinian Authority is Not Prepared for Statehood' Itamar Marcus, head of Palestinian Media Watch, spoke with Israel National Radio's Yishai Fleisher at this year's Jerusalem Conference on why Palestinians are not ready for statehood.

* EU calls for renewal of indirect Israel-Syria peace talks The European Union's top diplomat Tuesday called on Syria and Israel to resume indirect peace talks, which have been stalled since last year.

* Iran nuclear programme 'solely civilian' - Turkish PM The Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has told the BBC that he believes Iran has no intention of developing nuclear weapons.

* Iran, Hamas Launch 'Facebook Intifada' Iran has called for the launching of a “media intifada” against Israel, and the first results are apparently visible online, in the form of a Hamas Facebook group.

* EU economic governance inevitable, Belgian PM says Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme has said that joint economic governance among some or all EU member states is an inevitable consequence of the creation of the euro.