Monday, March 29, 2021


 What is Iran saying about their agreement with China? - analysis “This agreement is somewhat ambiguous, and on the other hand, in some cases, Iran has had bitter experiences in dealing with other countries. It has pros and cons.”

Iran: Europe’s greatest post-COVID security threat Former US secretary of state Mike Pompeo has taken a hawkish tone with EU; he now claims Biden is playing softball with Iran, writes Emir Gürbüz.

The Middle East offers US, China some common ground to cooperate on anti-terrorism and security The Alaska talks highlighted tensions between Washington and Beijing, but they could collaborate on shared interests in the Middle East: anti-terrorism and security.

What We Learned About Iran's, Syria's, and Israel's Militaries After Their Missile Exchange An exchange of missiles in 2019 revealed a lot of pertinent information about three Middle Eastern militaries.

Thousands at Western Wall for traditional Passover priestly blessing ceremony In stark contrast to last year, when only a symbolic 10 people were permitted to participate, rolled back virus restrictions allow masses to reach Old City site.

Omer Harvested and Full-Dress Temple Service Reenactment Carried Out [WATCH] On Sunday night, while most of Israel was cleaning up from the Passover and the Seder ritual, a few families went out to the fields to harvest the barley to be used in the Omer wave offering in precisely seven weeks.

Blinken: "Two-state solution is the best way to ensure Israel's future." Mr. Blinken, only when history precedes politics, can any progress follow - and your words contravene history. Op-ed.

The EU and Russia: From High Hopes to Reality EU-Russia relations are at their lowest since the end of the Cold War and show limited potential for meaningful improvement.

Erdogan urges Kosovo to rethink opening of Jerusalem embassy Turkish President urges Kosovan Prime Minister to reconsider the country's decision to open an embassy in Jerusalem.

‘Very few’ Europeans believe US will intervene on their behalf in military crisis In a pan-European survey of over 15,000 citizens in ten EU Member States, just 10 percent held the view that the US was a “reliable” security partner that will always protect Europe.