Monday, July 13, 2015


Greece debt crisis: Eurozone summit strikes deal Eurozone leaders have agreed to offer Greece a third bailout, after marathon talks in Brussels.

Abbas: Israel is in Talks to Give Hamas a State in Gaza PA head claims that Hamas and Israel have security coordination along the border, and that there are covert 'Hamastan' talks.

White Supremacists 'Greatest Criminal Force' for US Violence ADL study reveals that the rise of the internet - and anonymity - have made white supremacy the greatest criminal force in the US.

Netanyahu: We are obligated now more than ever to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran Speaking at a Likud faction meeting, Netanyahu slams the world powers for capitulating to Iran, accusing the P5+1 negotiators of chasing a deal at any price.

US B61-12 nuclear bomb test may be drilling use in Europe - Moscow The recent test of the US Ð’61-12 nuclear bomb confirms Washington's plans to maintain nuclear weapons in Europe that are capable of reaching Russia, Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov said on Monday.

Ya'alon on 'bad deal' with Iran: Israel must be prepared to defend itself Ya'alon focused on the many defense issues the expected agreement ignores, calling it "full of holes."

Iran mobile game simulates attack against Haifa In 'Missile Attack', players 'break the air defense system and harm Israel,' says developer. 'The anti-Zionist game shows Iran's missile capability'.

Former CIA bureau chief: Putin is 'perfectly willing' to use nuclear weapons in Europe Russian President Vladimir Putin is prepared to use tactical nuclear weapons in Europe to stop any NATO expansion, according to an ex-CIA bureau chief.

Iraq launches operation against ISIS in Anbar province The Iraqi government -- supported by Shiite militias from Iran -- launched a large-scale military operation to take out Islamic State militants from Iraq's western Anbar province Monday.

Analysis: Israel's military option won't vanish in a post-Iran deal era So long as Iran continues to call for Israel's destruction, the defense establishment will not stop developing means to attack its nuclear program