Monday, October 21, 2013


Signs of rift between Israel and US over Iran American officials hint at possible easing of sanctions as Netanyahu urges more pressure.

'If I divide thee O Jerusalem, I'll need 80 MKs' The Ministerial Committee for Legislation approves bill stating that the government cannot conduct negotiations with a foreign entity about the division of Jerusalem or its partial relinquishment without receiving approval of 80 Knesset members.

Abbas Talks Peace While Hamas Calls for War Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas insists that current US-driven peace talks with Israel have not reached an impasse, as claimed by many media outlets, while at the same time the Hamas terror organization with which Abbas seeks reconciliation is calling for war against the Jews.

IDF calls Gazans, slams Hamas Pre-recorded message in Arabic tells residents terror group spending money on tunnels instead of providing for people.

Netanyahu: Iran, not Assad, is in power in Syria US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew says talk of lifting Western economic sanctions against Iran is "premature."

'Major Israeli earthquake could cause thousands of deaths' Tiberias' leading engineer says National Outline Plan for fortifying buildings is not financially realistic.

New Jersey has its first gay weddings Gay couples in New Jersey have been exchanging vows on the day the US state became the 14th in the nation to recognise same-sex marriages.

Let's play God: The scientific experiments that might save the world (or destroy it...) Fake volcanoes, giant space mirrors, oceans of iron filings ... One of these ideas might save our planet from the worst effects of global warming - or destroy it. Memphis Barker reports on the rise of geoengineering - and the rift it has opened in the scientific community.

Egypt's army chief rides wave of popularity towards presidency Growing numbers of Egyptians applaud General Abdel Fatah el-Sisi's hardline approach to Muslim Brotherhood.

Hareidi Mayoral Candidate Promises to Keep Jews Off Temple Mount Hareidi J'lem mayoral candidate Haim Epstein appeals to Arabs by promising to prevent Jews from praying on Judaism's holiest site.