Friday, March 23, 2012


* Yaalon: Iran World's Number One Threat Vice Premier and Minister of Strategic Affairs Moshe Yaalon said Thursday that Iran's nuclear program is the leading global security threat.

* Toulouse Terrorist Not Alone: Extreme Islam Threatens Europe Mohammad Merah, the terrorist who murdered seven people in Toulouse, France, including four Jews, was killed following a standoff on Thursday.

* French Police Detain Toulouse Killer's Family French police on Friday extended the remand the mother and brother of the self-proclaimed al-Qaeda terrorist who killed seven people in France before being shot dead at the end of a 32-hour standoff with police.

* Syrian activists: Clashes near Turkish border Syrian government forces fired machine guns and mortars Friday.

* Tunisia's Secular Opposition Uniting Against Islamists Five months after an Islamist-led coalition came to power in Tunisia, the country's fractious opposition is working to unite and fight for a secular state.

* EU countries to reduce dependence on US military European defence ministers endorsed plans on Thursday (22 March) to develop air-to-air refuelling capabilities and field hospitals in a bid to reduce military costs.

* Merkel: Eurozone crisis not over yet German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday (21 March) said the eurozone crisis is "not over" yet.

* In Egypt, a cellphone is a wireless lifeline Post-revolution chaos, wandering youth spur families to stretch budgets to stay in touch.

* 'Iran may activate US Hezbollah cells after strike' A congressional report finds that Hezbollah fundraising cells are rampant across the United States.

* Summit lockdown frustrates Baghdad residents Hosting an Arab summit may be Iraq's way of opening up after years of conflict, but Baghdad residents have been left smarting as swathes of the city have been largely shut down for it to do so.