Monday, August 19, 2013


Islamists Plan to Attack Israeli, Jewish Targets Worldwide Terrorists are planning attacks against Jews and Israelis abroad, security officials said, issuing a long list of countries to avoid.

UN: Over 20,000 Syrian refugees cross into Iraq Syrians pour into the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq, taking advantage of a new bridge along largely closed border.

Israel's message on Egypt: Keep Cairo from falling, then worry about democracy Official says army is only actor that can assert authority, if it is dismissed, Egypt to go "way of Syria, Tunisia, Libya."

PLO charges Israel with 'war crimes, anti-human, racist acts' Palestinian leaders say talks are "cover for settlement project," accuse Israel of undermining "all prospects for peace.

Tamarod movement calls on Egyptian government to cancel Camp David peace treaty Movement joins campaign to "revive Egypt's national sovereignty"; calls to stop US aid after Obama cancels joint military drill.

Saudi prince fires celebrity preacher over Brotherhood links Billionaire prince fires renowned Kuwaiti motivational speaker Tareq al-Suwaidan for "extremist inclinations."

Strange 'Methuselah' Star Looks Older Than the Universe This Digitized Sky Survey image shows the oldest star with a well-determined age in our galaxy. 

Analysis: Despite ban threat, Muslim Brotherhood is here to stay Despite its anti-Western and anti-Semitic ideology, the Islamist organization has succeeded in organizing its activities while at the same time gaining much of the world's sympathy.

This Week in History: The 125th birthday of 'Lawrence of Arabia' The British explorer, spy and soldier spent years in the Middle East, encouraging Arab independence.

PA Radio: One Day Israel 'Will be Palestine Again' Is there any hope for peace when the Palestinian Authority continues to strive towards the destruction of the Jewish state?