Tuesday, April 20, 2021


 Russian military build-up numbers more than 100,000 troops, EU says Russia has temporarily restricted the movement of foreign warships and what it called "other state ships" near Crimea.

EU: Russian military buildup along Ukrainian border a 'matter of concern' Europe's foreign policy chief states it will only take “a spark” to set off a confrontation on Ukraine's border between West and Russia.

China and Russia: The Guns of April Russian troops are massing on the Ukraine border, Chinese vessels are swarming Whitsun Reef of the Philippines in the South China Sea, and China's air force is flying almost daily through Taiwan's air-defense identification zone.

Proposal to ban ALL Russians from EU would hurt bloc’s economy, Moscow warns, after ex-Estonian president pitches radical policy An iron curtain has descended across Europe. Or at least it will if Estonia’s former president is able to convince Brussels to completely close its borders to Russian students, workers and tourists amid growing political tensions.

In historic shift, Sudan officially annuls six-decade-long Israel boycott law Joint vote of ruling sovereignty council and cabinet overturns 1958 law barring ties with Jewish state.

Gantz warns Hezbollah of ‘heavy consequences’ if it threatens Israel Touring northern border amid tensions with Iran, defense minister says the Tehran-backed Lebanese terror group is working ‘to challenge us in new ways’.

Senator Bernie Sanders says US should consider regulating military aid to Israel Progressive senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren addressed the J Street lobby’s national conference.

Caroline Glick: Israel has made it, now it needs to grow up Although Israel’s position at the center of the Jewish world is undeniable, it has gone largely unnoticed by most Israelis.

The Stunted Growth of the Emerging Islamic Bloc The emerging Islamic bloc of three Muslim states—Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Pakistan—seems feasible in theory, but its growth is constrained by the realities. Azerbaijan is still more Russian turf than Turkish, and Pakistan remains Chinese territory.

Cotton: China Setting the Stage to Invade Taiwan, We Need to Be Clear We’ll Defend Taiwan On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) said that China is “trying to set the stage one day for a potential invasion and annexation of Taiwan, which would be a catastrophe for American interests.”