Friday, March 27, 2020


Has Syria Reactivated Its Chemical Weapons Program? Syrian media reports of Israeli airstrikes, allegedly launched early on March 5 in central and southern Syria, may be a sign that Damascus has renewed its chemical weapons program.

Despite coronavirus, mideast wars continue unabated After a decade of carnage, Syrians face a new scourge.

Jewish settler extremists hurl firebombs at Israeli police The incident, qualified by the authorities as a terrorist attack, resulted in no injuries.

Iran Blames Trump for Spreading Coronavirus The Secretary of Iran's High Council for Human Rights said during a recent television interview America's behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates that it truly is the "Great Satan," and that Europeans that speak of human rights should be ashamed of obeying America's "oppressive" policies.

Coronavirus: The European Union Unravels Faced with an existential threat, EU member states, far from joining together to confront the pandemic as a unified bloc, instinctively are returning to pursuing the national interest.

The coronavirus could profoundly change the Middle East In the Middle East, just as everywhere else, the coronavirus is changing the way of life, canceling prayers, festivals and pilgrimages and closing mosques, churches and Muslim shrines, as the Washington Post recently illustrated.

'Iran may well collapse' under coronavirus strain, warns top EU diplomat Iran's theocratic regime could crumble under the pressure of the coronavirus outbreak that has spread through elite ranks and the broader population alike, according to the European Union's top diplomat.

Trump Cabinet Bible Teacher Blames Coronavirus Pandemic on God's Wrath - Somehow it Involves China, Gay People, and Environmentalists Ralph Drollinger, a minister who leads a weekly Bible study group for President Donald Trump's cabinet, released a new interpretation of the coronavirus pandemic this week, arguing that the crisis represents an act of God's judgment.

From foes to best buds: Right embraces Gantz after swerve toward Netanyahu In scenes thought impossible only hours earlier, Thursday evening saw Israel Resilience party chief praised by Smotrich and Bennett, as Miri Regev chummily called him 'my neighbor'.

The Coronavirus Could Create A Massive EU Debt Crisis (Think Italy) In 2012, in the midst of an Italian sovereign debt crisis, Mario Draghi saved the Euro by famously saying that the European Central Bank (ECB) would do whatever it took to keep the Euro intact.