Saturday, August 31, 2019


Netanyahu to make Pro-3rd Temple Politician Top Official It has been confirmed that Zehut (Identity) party leader Moshe Feiglin will order his party, Zehut, to step down in the current election to join Netanyahu’s Likud party who will make him a “high ranking official” in the PM’s next government.

Hezbollah to respond with 72 hours Hezbollah planning to retaliate for 'Israeli' attacks, aims to kill 2-3 Israelis, report says.

Hezbollah Said Preparing ‘Calculated Strike’ Against Israel Hezbollah is preparing a “calculated strike” against Israel in response to two drones that crashed in a Beirut suburb, Reuters reported, citing two sources close to the Iran-backed terror group.

"Hezbollah attack will be met by 'disproportionate' response" IDF preparing for Hezbollah attack on Israeli military targets. All forces in northern area deployed, while more may be called to area.

Netanyahu Promises Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount “Before the Messiah Comes” But Security Minister Says Sooner Than That In the course of an interview last week in Ukraine, Ze’ev Kam, a reporter for Kan News, asked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about the “elementary rights of the Jews to pray at the Temple Mount, their holiest site.” 

Israel-Iran conflict exposes bleeding edge of a war for the entire Middle East Jerusalem has taken a leading role in a campaign to halt what Sunnis see as an attempt by Tehran to carve out an empire across the region; expect the fighting to only get worse.

Turkey: "Death to Jews" at Summer Camp Turkey's Jewish community is still reeling from the content of a video that went viral at the end of July.

With each Erdogan visit, Ankara grows more indebted to Moscow In the bumpy Turkish-Russian relationship in Syria, crisis situations have produced a pattern of face-to-face meetings between the two countries’ presidents, with Ankara typically ending up as a giver and Moscow as a taker. 

‘End of Western hegemony’: Why does Macron want Russia at Europe’s side? French President Emmanuel Macron has warned Western nations against the “strategic mistake” of alienating Russia – but in doing so, he seeks a bigger role for himself in international politics.

Party Declares They Will Work Towards “Complete” Jewish Country “In Anticipation of Messiah” Ayelet Shaked, the head of the Yamina (New Right) party, and 14 of the party’s candidates for Knesset seats sent a letter to leading rabbis from the Chabad Hasidic movement declaring their intention to adhere to the ideology of the now-deceased spiritual head of the movement, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, who advocated protecting the sanctity of Israel’s borders.