Tuesday, June 29, 2010


* US Military Chief: Doesn’t Trust Iran but Israel, US “in Synch” Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of U.S. Joint Chief of Staffs, returned home from Israel.

* Peres: N. Korea has become nuclear duty-free shop President Shimon Peres told Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Tuesday afternoon that "North Korea has become a duty-free shop for nuclear material."

* CIA breaks with 2007 assessment in new estimate on Iran nukes The CIA, in what appears to significantly revise recent assessments, has determined that Iran has accumulated a sufficient amount of uranium for two nuclear weapons.

* Gen Petraeus faces confirmation to lead Afghan war Gen David Petraeus has indicated to a Senate committee that the security situation in Afghanistan is "tenuous".

* Russia rejects US allegations of spying as baseless Allegations that Moscow ran a spy ring in the US are baseless and a throwback to the Cold War, a Russian foreign ministry official has said.

* Islam in kindergarten? At least 500 unregistered nursery schools operate in northern Israel, of which more than 100 are managed by the Islamic Movement.

* Lieberman: Absolutely no chance for a Palestinian state within next two years An independent Palestinian State is not a possibility in the next two years, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said.

* Destruction of First Temple Commemorated with Day of Fasting The "Three Weeks" of gradually-increasing mourning over the destruction of the Holy Temples and Israel's exile begins today.

* Erdogan: Turkey still friend to Israel Turkey remains “a friend to Israel,” but the government under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is “the biggest barrier to peace” in the Middle East.

* Shares slump on European bank fears Global stock markets have fallen sharply on renewed concerns over the European banking sector.