Monday, August 03, 2020


Jordan reiterates to Israel: Al-Aqsa is a place for Muslim worship only The ministry's spokesperson Deifallah al-Fayez condemned the "continued Israeli violations."

Netanyahu: No reason for elections "This is the time for unity," he said. "We need to be united in our faction and I hope in the government, too."

Israel Versus Anyone: A Military Net Assessment of the Middle East Most published Middle Eastern military net assessments are based primarily on lists of units and equipment.

How Iran and Hezbollah trapped Israel into staring down 150,000 rockets on its border that it can only counter at a terrible cost The Israeli Defense Forces this week moved specialized military units to its northern border to reinforce its increasingly tense outposts along the borders with Lebanon and Syria.

Op-ed: Keep your eyes on Russia for an August surprise of Putin’s making For all the legitimate focus on rising U.S.-Chinese tensions, this summer’s sleeper surprise for the West is more likely to emerge from Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

Beware of the looming chaos in the Middle East The region in 2020 is in much worse shape than in 2010.

Will Brexit Change the European Union? An Atlantic Council of some sort might need to be created, involving the United States, the UK, and the EU, for discussion of political, foreign policy, economic, and regulatory matters that are outside the scope of NATO.

Gaddafi’s prophecy comes true as foreign powers battle for Libya’s oil A showdown looms in the fight for control of the country – with Africa’s largest oilfields as the prize.

ANALYSIS: Turkey has become a rogue state Turkey is sowing conflict in Libya, Somalia, Yemen and Qatar, planning to renew the Ottoman Empire which Erdogan intends to head.

Maybe they won’t notice: What the press is talking about on August 3 Israel kills 4 would-be bombers on its Syrian border and then acts shy; infection numbers plummet, but so do tests; and one paper finds a ‘street’ where everyone loves Netanyahu.