Saturday, August 30, 2008


* Iranian general: Attack on Iran would cause another World War Should Israel or the United States attack Iran, it would be the start of another World War.

* Israel Has Decided: Iran Will Not Have Nukes Israel's leadership resolved, in top-level strategic discussions three months ago, to do whatever it takes to prevent Iran from having nuclear bombs.

* Georgia severs diplomatic ties with Russia Georgia has severed diplomatic ties with Moscow to protest the presence of Russian troops on its territory.

* Sarkozy to Make Landmark Syria Visit French President Nicolas Sarkozy has confirmed he will make a landmark visit to Syria on Sept. 3-4.

* Hezbollah's new missiles have range 'Israel can't fathom' Hezbollah is armed with advanced Iranian-supplied missiles capable of reaching targets deep inside Israel.

* McCain chooses Palin as VP candidate Republican presidential candidate John McCain stunned the US political establishment Friday and bolstered his image as a maverick by choosing the little-known female governor of Alaska.

* Palestinians remain persecuted minority in post-Saddam Iraq Omar Ahmed rarely emerges from his rundown Baghdad housing project.

* New pressure over faith schools Ministers are being urged to stop faith schools in England selecting pupils and staff on the basis of their religion.

* Bush's Mideast peace timeline looking unattainable President Bush's goal of forging an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal within five months is looking increasingly unattainable.

* Egypt opens Gaza border for two days Egypt opened its sealed border crossing with the Gaza Strip on Saturday.

Friday, August 29, 2008


* 'Israel reaches strategic decision not to let Iran go nuclear' Israel will not agree to allow Iran to achieve nuclear weapons and if the grains start running out in the proverbial egg timer, Jerusalem will not hesitate to take whatever means necessary to prevent Iran from achieving its nuclear goals.

* Iraq's Sadr extends militia truce Iraq's influential Shia cleric, Moqtada Sadr, has indefinitely extended a ceasefire being observed by members of his Mehdi Army militia.

* Iran supplied Hizbullah with advanced missiles Iran has supplied Hizbullah with advanced missiles which can accurately hit extensive targets inside Israel.

* Sarkozy: EU's Man of the Hour Sarkozy, who was elected two years after French voters gave a resounding referendum "No" to the EU's draft new constitution, has now emerged as the most Europe-minded of the EU leaders.

* Germany and Russia threaten EU-Ukraine relations Germany's close relations with Russia are the main obstacle to signing a major EU-Ukraine treaty at the upcoming EU-Ukraine summit in France.

* Israel: Assad not serious about peace Syria's rush to take advantage of the conflict in Georgia and the Russia-US rift to cozy up to Moscow seems to indicate that it is not interested in serious negotiations with Israel.

* Russia hits back at G7 criticism Criticism by the G7 group of nations of Russia's actions in Georgia is biased and groundless.

* Mideast Powers, Proxies and Paymasters Bluster and Rearm The war of words between Israel and Iran, and their proxies and paymasters, is becoming more belligerent as the Middle East's two arch-enemies display their military prowess.

* EU sanctions would be 'grave mistake,' Russia says As the European Union considers imposing sanctions against Russia over its recognition of independence for Georgia's rebel regions, Moscow has said that any punitive measures would be a "grave mistake."

* Obama launches historic campaign Barack Obama has accepted the Democratic Party's historic nomination to run for president of the US in front of a crowd of some 75,000 people.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


* Americans Approve Military Strike on Iran if Diplomacy Fails The drums of war are beating louder, amplified by Iran's pursuit of its nuclear agenda and the West and Israel's determination not to let it do so.

* EU considers sanctions on Russia EU leaders are considering sanctions "and many other means" against Russia over the Georgia crisis.

* Russia to up naval presence in Syria Russia plans to increase its military presence in the Mediterranean by using Syrian ports more frequently.

* Cold War tension rises as Putin talks of Black Sea confrontation A new Cold War between Russia and the West grew steadily closer yesterday after the Kremlin gave a warning about “direct confrontation” between American and Russian warships in the Black Sea.

* Jordan reaches out to Hamas In an about-face, Jordan is reaching out to Hamas amid fears that a collapse of Mideast peacemaking would bring an influx of refugees.

* Israel unlikely to berate Russia As the US and Russia sent military vessels to dock at different Georgian ports on Wednesday, Israel continued to tread carefully.

* Russia fails to win support of Asian alliance Russia's hopes of winning international support for its actions in Georgia were dashed Thursday.

* NASA Technology Illuminates Dead Sea Scrolls Scientists are using American space-age technology to bring to light the faded script on thousands of fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

* West fears Hezbollah setting up cells in Venezuela The budding strategic partnership between Venezuela and Iran has prompted fears from Western governments that Hezbollah is establishing a growing number of operational cells in the South American country.

* Abbas: All Palestinians should have the right to return home Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said Thursday that he rejects the idea that Palestinian refugees living in Lebanon might be forced to stay there permanently.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


* Rice Visit: PA State Closer than Ever Negotiations between Israel and PA continue at a "crazy" pace.

* Iran: Israel too vulnerable to attack Israel would not dare launch an attack on Iran for fear of the Islamic Republic's missile array and the support of its Islamic allies in the region.

* Egypt urges end to Israel threats Egypt has urged Israel to stop making threats against Lebanon, its foreign minister said on a visit to Beirut.

* UK urges tough response to Russia UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband has called on the EU and Nato to initiate "hard-headed engagement" with Russia in response to its actions in Georgia.

* Russia Pushing Weapons Sales in Middle East and Beyond Three events came together independently to produce an intrigue that is hooking politicians and media in the Middle East.

* Tensions build as U.S. ship arrives in Georgia A U.S. Coast Guard ship carrying humanitarian aid docked in the Georgian Black Sea port of Batumi Wednesday.

* Dimitri Medvedev raises spectre of new Cold War Russia put the West on alert for a new Cold War that the Kremlin is ready to fight.

* World poverty 'more widespread' The World Bank has warned that world poverty is much greater than previously thought.

* Europe of the future: Germany shrinks, France grows, but UK population booms Britain will overtake Germany and France to become the biggest country in the EU in 50 years' time.

* Oil Interests Win Out Over Ecology Israel's Nature and Parks Authority have approved exploratory oil drilling in a nature reserve, despite opposition from its own science committee and environmentalist.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


* Abbas: PA won't miss chance for peace The Palestinian leadership is not prepared to miss any opportunity and intends to exert every effort to resolve the dispute with Israel.

* Russia recognizes Georgian rebels President Dmitry Medvedev has declared that Russia formally recognises the independence of the breakaway Georgian regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

* Obama through Muslim eyes How do Muslims see Barack Obama? They have three choices: either as he presents himself, as one who has "never been a Muslim" and has "always been a Christian"; or as a fellow Muslim; or as an apostate from Islam.

* U.N. Confirms: Hizbullah Importing Weapons From Syria A United Nations task force assigned to report on weapons smuggling in Lebanon said Monday that Hizbullah has been bringing arms across the Syrian-Lebanese border.

* Hamas smuggling continues 'rapidly' While Egyptian efforts to stop weapon smuggling into Gaza have increased in recent weeks, Hamas is still continuing the illegal operations at a rapid pace.

* Beijing swells dollar reserves through stealth China has resorted to stealth intervention in the currency markets to amass US dollars.

* Barak to Rice: Israel won't accept nuclear Iran Defense Minister Ehud Barak met with visiting US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Monday evening.

* Peace Now: West Bank settlement construction nearly doubled this year More than 2,600 housing units are under construction in West Bank settlements.

* When Hamas and Jordan Talk Jordan is the great survivor in the Arab World, so when it starts shuffling its diplomatic cards, it means there is something going on worth watching.

* Iraqi leader insists on deadline for troop pullout Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki dug in his heels Monday on the future of the US military in Iraq.

Monday, August 25, 2008


* Abbas: No peace until all Palestinian prisoners released Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas asserted on Monday that there would not be peace with Israel until all Palestinian prisoners were freed.

* EU secularism undermined Lisbon, Irish cardinal says Europe's attempts to keep religion away from the public domain was one of the reasons the Irish rejected the EU's new Lisbon treaty.

* Nasrallah: Israeli soldiers will be destroyed Hizbullah will respond in a firm and decisive manner to any future Israeli aggression against Lebanon the leader of the group.

* Russian MPs back Georgia's rebels Russia's parliament has backed a motion urging the president to recognise the independence of Georgia's breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

* Terrorists hold kidnap training Islamic Jihad using ceasefire to concentrate on training exercises in southern Gaza, focusing on how to kidnap IDF soldiers.

* Police raids Islamic Movement offices Some 300 police officers raided the Al-Aksa Institute in Umm el-Fahm, targeting a building that served as the nerve center of the Islamic Movement's northern branch.

* Searching for oil in the Judean Desert Two Israeli energy companies are convinced the best chance for finding oil in Israel lies at a site in the Judean Desert.

* Islamic Movement vows to continue defending Muslim holy sites Leaders of the Islamic Movement vowed on Sunday to continue to preserve and defend Muslim holy sites "according to the law."

* Sudan 'kills refugees in Darfur' Sudanese troops have opened fire inside a Darfur refugee camp, leaving 27 people dead, a rebel group has said.

* IDF Begins Major Move to the Negev A Hercules jet will take off Monday afternoon from central Israel to the new Nevatim Israel Air Force base in the Negev, marking the start of the herculean IDF move to the Negev.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


* Russia to keep forces at key port Russia has defended plans to keep its forces in the key Georgian port of Poti, saying it does not break terms of a French-brokered ceasefire deal.

* Shiite-led government in Iraq driving out Sunnis helping U.S. The Shiite-dominated government in Iraq is driving out many leaders of Sunni citizen patrols.

* US troops 'to quit Iraq by 2011' US combat troops could leave Iraq by 2011 under the terms of a deal awaiting approval by Iraq's parliament and presidency.

* With partial pullout, Russia envisions long-term shift As the Russian Army withdrew most of its forces from Georgia, it was becoming ever more clear on Friday that Moscow had no intention of restoring what once was.

* Al Qaeda's Influence Grows in Israel; Israeli Bedouin Indicted Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) and police brought charges on Friday against a Be'er Sheva area Bedouin.

* Abdullah, Medvedev discuss cooperation Russian-Jordanian cooperation received a "very strong push" with a visit conducted by King Abdullah II of Jordan to Moscow.

* Israel allows Pro-Palestinian activist boats dock in Gaza Two boats of international activists on a solidarity mission with the Palestinians have reached the Gaza Strip after a two-day journey at sea.

* 'Israel defiled Al-Aqsa Mosque' Tens of thousands of people gathered in Umm al-Fahm on Friday evening for the annual organized by the Islamic Movement.

* Olmert eyes Russia trip 'to discover what they're planning to sell to Syria' Prime Minister Ehud Olmert plans to visit Russian President Dmitry Medvedev amid concern about reports Moscow is considering arming Syria.

* Obama picks Biden for vice president Barack Obama named Sen. Joe Biden early Saturday as his vice presidential running mate.

Friday, August 22, 2008


* Russia to keep posts in Georgia A senior Russian general says Moscow intends to maintain a military presence of more than 2,000 troops in Georgia.

* The Real World: Georgia War Lessons for the Middle East Syrian President Bashar Assad joined Muammar Gadhafi of Libya in backing Russia's lightning military action against Georgia.

* Protest boats sail for Gaza Strip Two boats carrying members of a US-based pro-Palestinian group have left Cyprus in an attempt to break Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip.

* Barak: Israel analyzing implications of Assad's trip to Russia "The Israeli security establishment is analyzing the ramifications of Syrian President Bashar Assad's visit to Russia.

* U.S. sees much to fear in a hostile Russia The president of Syria spent two days in Russia this week with a shopping list of sophisticated weapons he wanted to buy.

* Lebanon to complain to UN about 'Israeli threats' Lebanon's unity cabinet on Friday approved a decision to formally complain to the United Nations about what it perceived as recent Israeli threats against Beirut.

* Deal would have U.S. troops out of Iraq by 2012 U.S. and Iraqi negotiators have reached agreement on a proposal calling for a complete U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq by 2012.

* US pressuring Israel to halt talks with Syria The United States is pressuring Turkey and Israel to halt the indirect negotiations with Syria being held in Istanbul.

* Something Important is Stirring in the Deep, Dark Waters of Geopolitics Four almost simultaneous events this week point to the emergence of something that is starting to look like a new U.S.-led security system that reaches from Europe to the Indian Ocean.

* Jordan protests against Israel's Jerusalem dig plans Jordan said on Thursday it summoned the Israeli ambassador to protest against plans for excavation and construction work near the Al-Aqsa mosque compound.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


* 'Israel must freeze talks with Syria' "A scenario in which S-300 or Iskander type missiles reach Syria is a dangerous scenario."

* Rice in surprise visit to Baghdad US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is in Baghdad to discuss the future of American forces deployed in Iraq.

* Medvedev phones Olmert to affirm ties In an atmosphere of heightened tensions, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev called Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Wednesday night to affirm the ties between the two countries.

* Oil rises on US-Russia tensions, sliding dollar Oil prices jumped above $119 Thursday as rising antagonism with Russia underscored the possibility it could affect energy shipments.

* Russia blocks Georgia's main port city Russian forces blocked the only land entrance to Georgia's main port city on Thursday.

* Assad wants Russia to cut ties to West Syrian President Bashar Assad is keen to see a wedge driven between Russia and the West.

* EU to pay Palestinian authority wages The European Union has announced it will boost its financial aid to the Palestinian Authority by €40 million.

* Jordan acknowledges meetings with Hamas Jordan acknowledged Wednesday that it held clandestine meetings with the militant Palestinian Hamas.

* EU neighbours seek help in post-Georgia climate The presidents of Romania and Moldova on Wednesday (20 August) urged greater EU involvement in resolving Moldova's frozen conflict.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


* Assad says Syria may host Russian missile batteries Syrian President Bashar Assad has pledged to support Russia in its conflict with Georgia.

* Olmert: Israel will unleash all its force if Hezbollah siezes Lebanon Prime Minister Ehud Olmert warned on Tuesday if Lebanon were to become a terrorist state under the domination of Hezbollah, Israel would unleash more massive firepower.

* US and Poland seal missile deal The US and Poland have signed a deal to locate part of the US's controversial missile defence system on Polish soil.

* Hezbollah Signs Pact with Salafis Amidst a growing world crisis, new developments in Lebanon may signal what lies ahead in the sphere of global jihadist forces in the near future.

* Russia rejects UN Georgia draft Russia has rejected a draft UN Security Council resolution on Georgia, saying it contradicted the terms of last week's ceasefire deal.

* UN begins Kosovo handover to EU The UN has begun the handover of office space and vehicles to the EU's "EULEX" police and civilian administration team in Kosovo.

* 'Gov't exchanged Jabotinsky with Nakba' "The government took Ze'ev Jabotinsky out of the schoolbooks and inserted the [Palestinian] Nakba instead."

* Iraq to Sign $1.2B Oil Service Deal with China Iraq will sign a $1.2 billion oil service contract with China to replace a production-sharing deal agreed under Saddam Hussein.

* Russia-NATO relations in tatters Moscow's relations with NATO were left in tatters on Tuesday (19 August) after the Kremlin dismissed the results of an emergency meeting.

* Black Sea Fleet: a factor of stability or instability? Tensions over Sevastopol in the Crimea have flared time and again since the breakup of the Soviet Union.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


* 'Islamic bomb' casts a long shadow The resignation of Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf on Monday has reignited concerns among some security analysts.

* Nato holds Georgia crisis talks Nato foreign ministers are meeting in Brussels for emergency talks to discuss how the alliance should respond to Russia's military action in Georgia.

* No sign of Russian pullout, West alarmed Russian troops and tanks did not move out of Georgia overnight through the main military crossing point.

* Iran to build more nuclear power plants Iran's official news agency says the country is preparing to build more nuclear power plants.

* Israel Monitoring Syrian Long-Range Missile Tests The military released classified information confirming that Israel has been monitoring recent Syrian missile tests.

* EU-Russia 'business as usual' impossible, Lithuania says The EU should consider diplomatic sanctions against Russia and speed up Georgia and Ukraine's EU and NATO integration.

* Huckabee: 'There is Only One Place for a Jewish Homeland' Former Arkansas Governor and vice-presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee flew in to Israel Monday.

* Sudan's president attends Africa summit in Turkey Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir attended a summit of African leaders in Turkey on Tuesday in his first trip abroad since an international court indicted him on genocide charges last month.

* Analysis: Prisoner release does nothing for Abbas It's hard these days to find one Palestinian who regards Israel's decision to release some 200 Palestinian prisoners as a "goodwill gesture."

* Israel sends truckfuls of money to replace worn out currency in Gaza Israel will send guarded trucks from the Brink's Company to the Gaza Strip.

Monday, August 18, 2008


* Pakistan's Musharraf steps down Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, facing impeachment on charges drawn up by the governing coalition, has announced that he is resigning.

* Russia 'starts Georgia pull-out' Russia has started to withdraw troops from Georgia, Moscow's general staff says, following a pledge by President Dmitry Medvedev.

* Iranian claims of jet range dismissed Iran's claim of having increased the range of its fighter jets, allowing them to fly as far as Israel and back without refueling, did not signify any new operational abilities, an arms expert said.

* Russia’s new nuclear challenge to Europe Russia is considering arming its Baltic fleet with nuclear warheads for the first time since the cold war, senior military sources warned.

* Is King Abdullah warming to Hamas? Jordanian King Abdullah has permitted Hamas's Damascus-based leader Khaled Mashaal to visit the country.

* Iran ready to put Muslim countries' satellites in orbit Iran said it was ready to help fellow Muslim states launch satellites into orbit after it successfully put a dummy satellite into orbit - a move that may increase Western suspicions over its atomic ambitions.

* Israel's Dog in the fight in the Georgian War Israel was considering to suspend all further military shipments to embattled Georgia, fearing possible retaliation with Russia which is on good terms with two of the Jewish state's arch enemies in the region, Syria and Iran.

* Russia and China send a message: History's back A journalist who started her career covering Russia and Ukraine, proclaimed that a new "Age of Authoritarianism" was upon us.

* Ethiopian Jews call for continued immigration An estimated 5,000 Ethiopian Israelis demonstrated outside the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem on Sunday to protest against the government's decision to end aliya from the country as 8,700 Falash Mura remain in rundown camps in northern Ethiopia.

* Pope urges fight against racism Pope Benedict XVI has urged Christians to help society combat intolerance to foreigners amid a row over criticism of the government by Roman Catholics.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


* Russia signs up to Georgia truce Russia has followed Georgia in signing a French-brokered peace plan for ending their nine-day-old conflict.

* Egypt: Iran owes West transparency Iran should not present the Western nations justification for war on "a silver platter" in the conflict over its nuclear program the way Saddam Hussein of Iraq did.

* Musharraf 'running out of time' Pakistan's foreign minister has said President Pervez Musharraf must stand down in the next two days or face impeachment proceedings.

* IN DEPTH / The Russian empire strikes back Exactly 40 years ago, on a hot August day in 1968, Alexander Dubcek stood looking out his office window as thousands of Soviet soldiers poured into his city, Prague.

* 'We are running out of time for a 2-state solution' At the end of my conversation with Sari Nusseibeh at the American Colony Hotel in Jerusalem, he told me he wouldn't be surprised if one of the Palestinian residents of the city ran for mayor in the municipal elections.

* Ahmadinejad Sticks to Guns in U.S. ally Turkey No progress was made on the Iranian nuclear standoff with the West during the controversial visit of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Turkey.

* Sadr asks for a blood pledge of loyalty Moktada al-Sadr, the Iraqi Shiite cleric, on Friday called on his followers to sign in blood a pledge of loyalty.

* Jordan restores relations with Hamas The Hamas movement on Friday released a statement welcoming the restoration of its ties with Jordan.

* Head of World Congress of Russian Jewry accuses Georgia of genocide Russian-speaking Israeli figures have expressed dismay at a statement made by the chairman of the World Congress of Russian Jewry.

* US and Poland ink missile deal, rattling Russia The US and Poland have agreed to put part of a US global missile shield and new anti-aircraft defences on Polish soil.

Friday, August 15, 2008


* Rice to push Georgia-Russia deal US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has arrived in Tbilisi for talks with Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili.

* Hezbollah 'Five-times' Stronger Than It Was in Israeli War In terms of weaponry, strategic and political positioning, and its ever-expanding international reach, Hezbollah is "five times more capable today," than it was at the beginning of the July 2006 war with Israel.

* Russia angry at US missile deal Russian officials have voiced alarm at a preliminary deal that would allow the US to site missiles in Poland.

* Nasrallah: Georgia lost because of Israel In a speech marking the two-year anniversary of the Second Lebanon War, Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah mocked Israel's political and military leadership.

* U.S.: Hezbollah training Iraqi militants in Iran Iraqi Shiite explosive and assassination teams are being trained in at least four locations in Iran by Tehran's elite Quds force and Lebanese Hezbollah.

* Russia Rejoins the Game of Nations The short, sharp lesson that Russian tanks handed to the Georgians this week will have serious consequences in the Middle East.

* New PRC rocket 'can reach Ashdod' The Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) in the Gaza Strip have announced that they are in possession of "Nasser-4" rockets that have a range of 25 kilometers and pose a threat to Ashdod.

* Ahmadinejad says hopes for Turkey energy deals soon Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Friday he hoped his country and Turkey would soon sign energy deals opposed by Washington.

* 'War led Israel to negotiate with Syria' Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah on Thursday claimed that "Israel's failure in the Second Lebanon War led it to change its policy.

* Musharraf resignation deal denied A spokesman for President Musharraf of Pakistan has firmly denied newspaper reports that the former general has already agreed to step down.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


* Russians begin Georgia handover Russian troops have begun handing over control of the area around the town of Gori to Georgian security forces.

* Israel fears war could hurt Iran effort Russia's war with Georgia and the infuriated reaction in the West to what US President George W. Bush calls Moscow's "disproportionate response" could make it harder to enlist Russian help.

* Lebanon-Syria to demarcate border Lebanon and Syria have agreed to resume work on formally demarcating their common border as part of efforts to repair years of strained relations.

* Iran's Ahmadinejad meets Gul in Turkey Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad met with his Turkish counterpart Thursday in a demonstration of the improved ties between the Islamic Republic and the NATO ally.

* EU wants peacekeepers 'on the ground' in Georgia EU foreign ministers on Wednesday (13 August) agreed to send peacekeepers to help supervise the fragile Russia-Georgia ceasefire.

* Jordan bars Jews with religious items Jordanian border officials refused to allow a group of Israeli tourists carrying religious objects such as talitot and tefillin to enter their country.

* Terrorists Building 16-Mile Range Rockets During Ceasefire Gaza terrorists are building a 25-kilometer (16.8 mile) range rocket, dubbed Nasser-3.

* Hezbollah TV broadcasting to China, Australia via Indonesia satellite The U.S. government is concerned that a television channel backed by the Hezbollah militant group is using an Indonesian satellite.

* Future wars 'to be fought with mind drugs' Landmines releasing brain-altering chemicals, scanners reading soldiers' minds and devices boosting eyesight and hearing could all one figure in arsenals.

* Jewish leaders meet with Hugo Chavez President Hugo Chavez met with Jewish leaders on Wednesday, pledging to work together against anti-Semitism.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


* Russian convoy heads into Georgia, violating truce Russian troops and paramilitaries thrust deep into Georgia on Wednesday.

* PA: Reported peace offer unacceptable The Palestinian Authority said on Tuesday it would reject an Israeli peace proposal published in the Hebrew press a day earlier.

* Hizbullah lauded in Tehran; Kuntar gives speech via satellite Hundreds of Iranians arrived on Tuesday night at Palestine Square in central Tehran in order to celebrate the two-year anniversary of "Hizbullah's victory".

* Syria reportedly wary of IDF Golan drill "The Syrian leadership has undertaken emergency preventive and deterrent measures, fearing that Israel will turn the military exercise in the Golan Heights to an attack against Syria."

* EU diplomats keen to avoid Russia controversy The French EU presidency is expected to endorse the Russia-Georgia ceasefire.

* Saudi nuclear plan gets green light The Saudi Arabian cabinet has decided to approve the country's agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

* Lebanese city rocked by bus bomb Security officials said a bomb went off close to a bus whose passengers included a number of off-duty soldiers.

* Islamic group condemns plan to expand Western Wall prayer site An Islamic group on Tuesday condemned a long-time Israeli proposal to enlarge the section of the Western Wall allotted for women's prayer.

* 'Slow' light to speed up the net A huge increase in the speed of the internet could be produced by slowing parts of it down.

* Analysis: What Russia gained and lost in 'Little Victorious War' Five days after the four-year-long skirmishes between separatist South Ossetian forces and the Georgian military blew up into a full-scale war.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


* Russia 'ends Georgia operation' Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has ordered an end to military operations against Georgia.

* 'Syria and Hizbullah gaining strength' Defense Minister Ehud Barak said on Tuesday that "it is not a coincidence that the IDF is holding intensive drills in the Golan Heights."

* Israel 'proposes West Bank deal' Israel has offered a peace deal to the Palestinians which would annex 7.3% of the West Bank and keep the largest settlements.

* Iran builds new, smart submarine Iran's military capabilities have "increased remarkably" after the construction of a new submarine.

* Jordan's king in first Iraq visit King Abdullah of Jordan has become the first Arab head of state to visit Iraq since the US-led invasion to overthrow Saddam Hussein in 2003.

* Assad to discuss ME peace process in Russia Syrian President Bashar Assad is scheduled to visit Moscow next week.

* German 'Nazi' youth camp raided A youth camp run by a neo-Nazi group has been broken up by police near Rostock in northern Germany.

* Abbas rejects Olmert proposal Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has rejected an Israeli peace proposal because it does not provide for a contiguous Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

* U.S. ship heads for Arctic to define territory A U.S. Coast Guard cutter will embark on an Arctic voyage this week to determine the extent of the continental shelf north of Alaska and map the ocean floor.

* Train to the Western Wall Jerusalem's new light train may reach the Western Wall, according to a meeting held by the capital's municipality.

Monday, August 11, 2008


* Ceasefire bid amid Georgia crisis Russia and Georgia have accused each other of launching new attacks, as diplomats press for a ceasefire in the conflict over South Ossetia.

* Putin slams US for airlifting Georgian troops from Iraq Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin criticized the United States Monday for airlifting Georgian troops from Iraq.

* Kuwait Readying for War in Gulf? The small oil-rich emirate of Kuwait has reportedly activated its "Emergency War Plan" as a massive U.S. and European armada is reported heading for the region.

* Analysis: Back to the USSR After a bombardment by Russia's aircraft, its tanks are advancing on the Georgian town of Gori - the birthplace of Iosif Djugashvili, better known as Stalin.

* Palestinians doubt two-state deal Israel's strategy in negotiations could force the Palestinians to abandon their goal of a two-state solution, a top Palestinian negotiator says.

* EU-Russia relations in jeopardy as bombs hit Tbilisi The suspension of EU-Russia negotiations on a new bilateral pact, freezing talks on visa-free travel for Russian citizens and holding back EU humanitarian aid to Chechnya until Russia ends aggression in Georgia could be among ideas debated by EU foreign ministers.

* Turkey Dodging the Bullet – For Now Turkey's Constitutional Court on July 30 averted a potentially explosive political crisis when its judges rejected an attempt by the State Prosecutor to ban the ruling Justice and Development Party.

* Siege-Breaking Vessels Set Sail for Gaza A dramatic confrontation in the Mediterranean Sea could break out within hours between the Israeli navy and two vessels sailing toward the Gaza coastline.

* "Terrorists" behind latest attack in northwest China "Terrorists" from the Muslim Uighur minority carried out the latest attack in northwest China, state media said.

* Syria-Israel talks could boost Europe's Mideast ties The EU parliament chief praised renewed Syria-Israel peace talks and an upcoming meeting between the Syrian and Lebanese presidents as positive moves that could boost Europe's ties with the region.

Saturday, August 09, 2008


* Russian jets attack Georgian town Russian jets have bombed a Georgian town amid a deepening crisis over the breakaway South Ossetia region.

* US: Russia must halt attacks on Georgia The United States on Friday called on Russia to halt aircraft and missile attacks in Georgia's breakaway region of South Osseti.

* "Seculars Want Temple', as Fast of Av Begins Saturday Night The fast of Tisha B'Av, the "saddest" day in the Jewish calendar, begins on Saturday night as the Sabbath ends.

* 2008 Olympic Games open in Beijing Once-reclusive China commandeered the world stage Friday, celebrating its first-time role as Olympic host.

* Iraq's Sadr launches unarmed wing Iraqi Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr has announced the creation of a cultural wing of his organisation, known for its Mehdi Army militia.

* Diplomats say Syria turned away IAEA Syria has blocked a new visit by International Atomic Energy Agency experts seeking to follow up on intelligence that Damascus built a secret nuclear program.

* Israeli sources: Peres meets with Putin in Beijing President Shimon Peres reportedly met with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in Beijing.

* US State Department Accuses Yad L'Achim In its International Religious Freedom Report for 2008, the United States State Department has accused the counter-missionary organization Yad L'Achim of using violence against those who come to Israel seeking to bring Jews to abandon Judaism.

* 'Israeli Miracle' is developing strong ties with Communist China Starting this afternoon and for the next 17 days, the gaze of the entire world will be set on the vast stadiums built by China.

* EU diplomats fly out to stop Georgia-Russia war EU and US diplomats are arriving in Georgia on Saturday (9 August) to try to broker a ceasefire.

Friday, August 08, 2008


* Russian tanks 'rolling into Georgian breakaway' Georgia's president said Friday that his country is under attack from Russian tanks and warplanes.

* 'We'll neutralize S-300 if sold to Iran' If Russia goes through with the sale of its most advanced anti-aircraft missile system to Iran, Israel will use an electronic warfare device.

* "Seculars Want Temple', as Fast of Av Begins Saturday Night The fast of Tisha B'Av, the "saddest" day in the Jewish calendar, begins on Saturday night as the Sabbath ends.

* Germany: A hotbed of Hizbullah activity Khaled Kashkush is not the first Hizbullah spy to be recruited and trained in Germany.

* Israel slams Turkey over Ahmadinejad plan to visit Israel has officially protested against the planned visit of Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Turkey next week.

* Analysis: Subtly and determinedly, Syria is taking over Lebanon Lebanese President Michel Suleiman is to visit Syria next week, to discuss the opening of diplomatic relations between the countries.

* Oil 'could hit $200 within years' A serious oil supply crisis is looming, which could push prices above $200 a barrel, a think tank has warned.

* Peres: China can be key to stopping Iran China can be a key player in preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons as well as in the war on terror.

* US State Department Accuses Yad L'Achim The United States State Department has accused the counter-missionary organization Yad L'Achim of using violence against those who come to Israel seeking to bring Jews to abandon Judaism.

* EU keeps ticking without Lisbon treaty, report says Europe continues to work without the Lisbon treaty and the demise of the document would not be a catastrophe for the bloc.