Monday, December 21, 2015


The scandal of official silence as Christianity emerges as world's most persecuted religion  The lack of public outcry over the continued persecution and murder of Christians in the Middle East is a scandal of enormous proportions. 

Hagel: Obama hurt his credibility by failing to act in Syria  Former Defense Secretary criticizes President Obama for his failure to follow up on a warning to Syria about using chemical weapons. 

Fatah libel: Israel executes Palestinian children - and the US supports it  According to this cartoon, posted on the website of Fatah's Information and Culture Commission this week, both the US and Israel behave like terror organizations, executing the innocent. 

Abbas says PA to start issuing 'State of Palestine' passports in 2016  Abbas says he will "no longer accept from anybody to use the name Palestinian Authority." 

Evangelical Beliefs on Israel Match Prophetic Doomsday Scenarios  A recent survey of Christian Evangelicals has them echoing Jewish prophecies, associating trouble in Israel and the rest of the Middle East with End Times. 

Shortest day of year marks astronomical winter  Monday's winter solstice marks the longest night as days due to finally grow longer again. 

Watch: Israel's Magic Wand 'unparalleled' in the world  Experts behind the successful final test of 'agile, lethal' defense system tout its 'next-gen' technology 'that doesn't exist elsewhere.' 

Turkish official: Israel is Turkey's friend  Deputy chairman of Turkey's ruling party says normalization has not yet been agreed upon, but stresses that Israeli people are 'friends'. 

Senate Introduces Resolution To Make Federal Holiday Celebrating Evolution  Democrats in Congress are pushing for a federal holiday to commemorate Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution. 

The 'secret Jews' of Ethiopia emerge from the shadows  For thousands of years, the Bal Ej practiced Judaism in secret - now they are reemerging, and they want to come home to Israel.