Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Palestinian campaign vs Balfour shows hostility to Jewish state undimmed after 100 years Netanyahu always claims Palestinian opposition to Jewish sovereignty anywhere, not just to occupation and settlements, lies at the root of the conflict.

Mosul battle: UN receives reports of IS atrocities UN human rights staff have received reports of atrocities being committed by Islamic State militants as Iraqi government forces close in on Mosul.

Russian and Egyptian paratroopers in joint drill Russia and Egypt have been holding a massive joint defense drill called 'Defenders of Friendship 2016'.

First time in 1,000 years: Yom Kippur service on Temple Mount Only once in the last thousand years (since the second Muslim conquest of the Holy Land - the first was in the 7th century after the rise of Islam) has a Yom Kippur service been carried out on the Temple Mount.

Palestinians threaten against opposition to UNESCO Jerusalem vote Ahead of Wednesday vote, PA and Jordan warn of "other options" if full support is not received on controversial Jerusalem resolution.

Internet Crashes Will Be Hard To Stop After Obama's Internet Giveaway Someone successfully shut down many websites Friday, attacking a crucial part of the internet that has been made more vulnerable due to an Obama administration decision to surrender American control, according to experts.

Hamas: PA doesn't represent the Palestinian people Hamas member of parliament Ismail al-Ashkar openly questioned the legitimacy of Mahmoud Abbas' Ramallah government.

The Muslim prayer at Rome's Coliseum was a declaration of war Something dramatic happened last Friday in Rome and slowly,slowly we are starting to decipher it.

Rapidly re-Islamizing Turkey escalating persecution of Christians "It also seems that it is high time that the activists of the global 'human rights community' condemned or at least publicly discussed this 'culture of hate' in Muslim communities - and particularly the Christianophobia.

Dozens of Terrorists at Large in Kirkuk Friday's spectacular ISIS attack intended to draw forces from Mosul.