Monday, June 16, 2014


Seconds before the slaughter: Global horror at images of Iraqi army deserters who were rounded up at gunpoint, herded into lorries and shot dead by masked ISIS fanatics Islamist militants in Iraq have boasted of slaughtering dozens of Iraqi soldiers captured in the fighting which has consumed the country in recent days.

Israel to 'Overthrow Hamas Infrastructure' in Judea and Samaria Army Radio says cabinet meeting on kidnapping crisis ends with decision to 'crush' Hamas in Judea-Samaria once and for all.

In bid for Palestinian street, Hamas gambles all The Gaza-based group ended the unity pact with Abbas - and risked Israel's wrath - when it kidnapped the three youths.

Kenya attack: Mpeketoni near Lamu hit by al-Shabab raid At least 48 people have died after al-Qaeda-linked militants attacked hotels and a police station in a Kenyan coastal town, officials say.

Abbas's Palestinian Authority, Fatah Celebrate Abduction In an odious distortion of the World Cup 2014 logo, the official Palestinian Authority daily printed Sunday a cartoon celebrating the kidnapping of three Israeli youths on Thursday night.

Iraq conflict: Militants 'seize' city of Tal Afar Sunni militants have seized the northern Iraqi city of Tal Afar, officials and residents say.

Ukraine crisis: Russia halts gas supplies to Kiev Ukraine says Russia has cut off all gas supplies to Kiev, in a major escalation of a dispute between the two nations.

Iraqi Christians flee homes amid militant push Over the past decade, Iraqi Christians have fled repeatedly to this ancient mountainside village, seeking refuge from violence, then returning home when the danger eased.

Fewer bombs, but nuclear states 'determined' to keep arsenals Obama's vision of a world free of nuclear weapons is still an unrealistic dream as nuclear states insist on maintaining arms, while North Korea is believed to be closer to putting nuclear warheads on ballistic missiles.

Israel could kill Hamas leaders, defense minister hints Moshe Ya'alon warns of 'very heavy price' for chiefs of organization Israel holds responsible for kidnapping 3 teens