Monday, June 20, 2011


* Peres: Time is running out on a Palestinian-Israeli peace deal President tells CNN need for peace agreement is "very urgent", says Palestinians' UN bid for statehood will not change situation on the ground.

* Muslim states call on Hamas to recognize Quartet terms Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean, including Egypt and PA, drafts unusually Israel-friendly resolutions.

* Nato suggests weapons systems failure in Tripoli raid Nato admitted a weapons systems failure may have led to civilian casualties in Sunday morning's air strike.

* Assad blames unrest on saboteurs, pledges reforms Syrian President Bashar al-Assad pledged political reforms within months to address a wave of protests against his rule.

* Medvedev hints he and Putin won't be 2012 rivals Russian President Dmitry Medvedev dismissed talk of a deepening rift with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

* Prayer and politics: How Friday became the Middle East's day of protest Ever since he was a boy, Friday has been a day of prayer and rest for Murad Alazzany.

* Declaring Israeli Sovereignty in Yesha: Let the Debate Begin Most people on the right – in fact, most people in Israel – believe that the only real solution to the security situation is the eventual declaration of Israeli sovereignty in Judea and Samaria.

* Turkey warns Assad: You have less than a week to start implementing reforms Senior aide to Turkish President Gul says foreign intervention will begin unless Syrian president heeds calls for change.

* Israel to stress safety of its nuclear reactors at IAEA special session There are two declared nuclear reactors in the country: the 5-megawatt reactor at Nahal Sorek and the 24-megawatt reactor at Dimona.

* Navy chief: Flotilla will enable Hamas armament Admiral Eliezer Marom speaks at divers' graduation ceremony, urges elements involved in Gaza-bound sail to reconsider participation