Thursday, February 19, 2015


Is the PA Trying to Renew Temple Mount Terror? Top PA religious leaders claim Al-Aqsa Mosque 'threatened' by Israel, renewing calls that led to terror wave in October and November.

ISIS finds foothold in chaotic Libya: A gateway to Europe Islamic State 'planning to use Libya as gateway to Europe', reports says as Libya urges UN to allow it to fight radical group, currently feeding of local chaos to reach 400 km from Italy.

Iran, US to hold talks in Geneva to narrow nuclear gaps After White House says Israel distorting perception of nuclear talks, admits Israel not fully updated in developments, new round of high level talks set.

ISIS approaches Europe, reportedly planning attacks in Turkey and Bulgaria Some senior ISIS commanders, are thought to already be in Turkey, hiding in safe houses.

Meeting in Saudi Arabia Anti-ISIS Allies Seek Strong Iraqi Army 26 nations meet in Riyadh to discuss strategy to uproot ISIS from Iraq; Syria crisis 'on back burner' says source.

* 'Institutional anti-Semitism' exists in the US, expert says As the US talks with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic Republic, it fails to bring up the issue of the 'genocidal agenda of anti-Semitism' that both bodies have expressed, Asher Small says.

WATCH: IDF drill prepares for Hezbollah threat in stormy Golan Heights "The goal is to prepare for a transition from one front to another, and from routine to emergency," a senior source in the 7th Armored Brigade says.

1,500 'Circle the Temple Gates' in Driving Rain On the first day of every month, Jews joyfully circle the Temple Mount - and on Adar the occasion is even merrier, despite the rain.

'ISIS sets sights on Libya as gateway to eventual invasion of Europe' According to the Telegraph, ISIS jihadists plan to 'flood Libya with militiamen from Syria and Iraq, who will then sail across the Mediterranean posing as migrants on people-trafficking vessels.'

EU warns Russia as Ukraine ceasefire breaks down The EU foreign service said on Wednesday (18 February) it is 'ready to take appropriate action' if Russia continues to violate the latest Minsk ceasefire.