Tuesday, September 05, 2017


Incitement on Facebook: 'Spill blood on the Dome of the Rock' Security forces arrest senior PA official who published material inciting against Jews and said he missed 'people like Hitler and Eichmann.'

IDF simulates war-to-win strategy vs Hizballah The IDF Tuesday, Sept. 5, embarked on its biggest military exercise against Hizballah in 19 years.

The Islamic Future of Europe European leaders accepted the transformation of parts of their countries into enemy territories.

North Korea: We have 'more gift packages' for US 'The recent self-defense measures by my country are a gift package addressed to none other than the US.'

This is how tomorrow's battlefields will look Facial recognition, guns which fire only when the target is in sight, and unmanned submarines.

Hezbollah Reacts to IDF Drill: We are ready for any ACT of Israeli stupidity Lebanon did not remain silent following the launch of a massive IDF drill simulating a possible war, with a Hezbollah official threatening that "the Israelis won't succeed in surprising us."

Egypt and Russia finalize nuclear power plant deal Egypt finalizes deal with Russia to build a nuclear power plant with funding from Moscow.

Messianic Jews Pray For Orthodox Mob 'Besieging' Their Congregation Last week, the religious Israeli news portal Arutz 7 happily reported that Orthodox Jewish "anti-missionaries" had successfully demonstrated against a "new" Messianic Jewish congregation in the desert city of Arad.

"Vampire Zionists Drink Arab Blood", Says Palestinian 'Human Rights Activist' Honored by UN The United Nations has crowned her a "human rights defender," while Al Jazeera, the Qatar-based broadcaster, hails her as a "Palestinian supermom."

Turkey accuses Merkel of racism The Turkish government has accused the German chancellor of being "racist" after she called for an end to Turkey's EU accession negotiations.