Monday, November 09, 2020


 Iran offers Arab states 'mafia deal' of security or punishment after Trump The message was clearly aimed at Gulf states and others that are partnered with the US.

Abbas Finally Congratulates Biden, Said to Demand Reversal of Embassy Move Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday called on self-proclaimed president-elect Joe Biden to “strengthen the Palestinian-American relationship,” and was cited by a senior source as seeking the reversal of the U.S. embassy move by the incoming administration.

Kamala Harris: We will restore aid to Palestinians, renew ties The statement from Harris comes as many observers in the Middle East will be watching the outcome of the 2020 US election.

“Teach your children: the Zionist entity will come to an end” says Egyptian MP and PA TV host Although Israel signed a peace treaty with Egypt decades ago, one Egyptian member of Parliament rejects outright Israel's right to exist.

US election result: What Biden's victory means for rest of world After days of uncertainty, Joe Biden has won the US presidential election, BBC projections show.

Iran's New Underground Missile Base Looks Mildly Terrifying. See for Yourself. An underground missile base lurking somewhere beneath Iran looks an awful lot like a James Bond villain lair, complete with walls carved out of rock, spotlights, and a promise of “severe revenge.”

What Would a Biden Presidency Mean For Israel? Let’s be charitable. Let’s consider the best case to be made for Biden “as a friend of Israel,” which just appeared from a veteran Israeli journalist, Raphael Ahren: “Biden a veteran friend of Israel, settlement critic, may be at odds over Iran,” by Raphael Ahren, Times of Israel.

Turkey: The Return of Demons Though Empire-builders of the first order, the Ottomans were always careful not to bite more than they could chew. Erdogan, however, is leading Turkey into empire-building adventures which it does not want and cannot afford.

World leaders congratulate Biden as Russia, China await Int'l leaders have congratulated President-elect Joe Biden. Russia & China saying they want to await final verdict.

The Election is Not Over The "journalists" of the news media have begun the relentless drumbeat of proclaiming "President-elect Biden.