Monday, March 25, 2013


IDF Imposes Passover Closure on PA Areas IDF imposes a general closure on PA-assigned areas ahead of the Passover holiday. It will be in effect until Tuesday at 11:59 p.m.

Pesach (Passover) Holiday to Begin Monday Eve Jewish families world over will sit down to the Seder Monday night, read the Haggadah and recall the Exodus. Chag Sameach!Happy Holiday!

UN reports major increase in Israeli air activity over Lebanon 10 days ago, in particularly unusual incident, 25 Israeli jets flew missions along the Lebanese coast, reports say; Israeli drones also flew over Hezbollah areas in south.

'Egypt seizes weaponry, arrests terrorists in Sinai' Sinai security forces arrest 25 Hamas, Al-Qaida terrorists; police reveal workshop producing fake army uniforms near Cairo.

Temple Activists Detained, Lamb Seized Several Temple Movement activists tried to make the Pesach sacrifice on the Temple Mount.

'64% of Americans want military action to stop Iran' Pew Research poll also finds 49% of Americans sympathize with Israel more than Palestinians, while only 12% said reverse.

China President Xi Jinping hails ties with Africa New President Xi Jinping has hailed the strength of China's ties with African nations.

Cyprus defends bailout deal amid recession fears The government of Cyprus has defended a 10bn-euro bailout deal to save its banks from collapse, amid warnings the island faces deep recession.

Apple can now track you indoors Still recovering from the backlash to its flawed Maps app, Apple is looking to beef up the iPhone's indoor location capabilities by acquiring WiFiSlam. 

Israel fights off locust scourge on Passover eve Crop dusters bombard latest swarm of grasshoppers with pesticide in an effort to save south's crops