Friday, February 27, 2015


Iranian military chief threatens to 'wipe Tel Aviv off the map' General Mustafa Yazdi, the assistant chief of staff of the Iranian armed forces, warned that "Iran will flatten Tel Aviv and Haifa if Israel perpetrates an attack on our country."

Ukraine crisis: 'Military threat from east to remain' despite truce Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko has said a "military threat from the east" will remain even if a ceasefire holds between government troops and pro-Russian rebels in the east.

ISIS: Pro-Palestinians in Europe Actually Sleeper ISIS Cells New ISIS text calls on Muslims who are active in pro-Palestinian groups in the EU to rise up, conquer Rome by 2020.

Iran nuclear deal, ISIS threat stimulating Sunni powers to unite - even with Israel Arab leaders and officials have been meeting frequently in past weeks, likely discussing the threat of Islamic State and the Iranian threat.

US and British army parade 300 yards from Russia border American armoured vehicles and British soldiers parade through Estonian border city of Narva, as tensions between Russia and the West continue to escalate.

Jordan, Israel to Link Dead Sea with Red Sea Deal signed in Amman to pump Red Sea into Dead Sea as part of efforts to boost Israel's water supply.

Video shows Iraq jihadis destroying 3,000 year old "idols" Archaeology professor calls Islamic State campaign to destroy "heretical" relics in Mosul a catastrophe.

America and Israel: A love story Op-ed: While Israeli public has been misled into thinking that we are in a crisis with US public, annual Gallop poll points to record high support for Israel.

Islamic State: Iraq minorities 'threatened with eradication' Islamic State militants are trying to eradicate Iraqi minority groups from large parts of the country, human rights organisations have warned.

ISIS' Largest, Richest $2Billion Terror-Based Enterprise: Financial Sophistication Rivaling Wall Street ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant ) is the world's largest, richest terrorist organizations, ever. It's a self-sustaining enterprise that runs mainly on extortion and crime networks, hostages, oil, donations....