Monday, April 27, 2020


Defense Minister Bennett: Israel goes from containing Iran in Syria - to expulsion Israeli warplanes were alleged to have struck targets near Damascus early Monday, April 27, hours after Defense Minister Naftali Bennett said: "Keep yours ears open. We have moved from containing Iran's military presence in Syria to expulsion."

Netanyahu: Land of Israel is National Home of Jewish People according to Bible Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu marked the 100th anniversary of the San Remo conference on Sunday in a Facebook post where he said: "The Land of Israel is the national home of the Jewish people, according to history, the Bible, justice, and international law."

Arab League calls urgent meeting to torpedo Israel's annexation plans The secretary-general accused Israel of "exploiting the world's preoccupation with the novel coronavirus to impose a new reality on the ground."

Palestinians and the Virus of Normalization If Hamas is opposed to any form of cooperation with Israel, why does it continue to allow medical supplies to be transferred from Israel into the Gaza Strip on an almost weekly basis?

Waqf Threatens to Overpower Israeli Police to Control Temple Mount The manager of the Al-Aksa Mosque and high ranking official in the Wakf Omar Al-Qiswani warned that "if Israel opens the Mughrabe Gate for Jewish pilgrims, we will open all of the gates to the Muslims."

Israeli population hits 9.2 million By 2030, Israel's population is expected to reach 11.1 million, 13.2 million by 2040 and 15.2 million by 2048, which will be Israel's 100th anniversary.

On centenary, San Remo Conference hailed as 'seminal moment' in Zionist history World leaders praise April 1920 summit as first anchor of Jewish state's legitimacy in international law; Pompeo says it marked world's embrace of Jews' unbreakable ties to Israel.

Data: Coronavirus Likely to Spark Mass Immigration Wave to Israel The global coronavirus pandemic will likely spark a massive wave of immigration to Israel, with some 100,000 expats and new arrivals expected to move to the country once the crisis is over, according to Ministry of Absorption statistics.

Jordan urges foreign governments to discourage Israel from annexing West Bank Jordan is lobbying foreign leaders to put pressure on the new Israeli government not to move forward with annexation of the Jordan Valley - the settlements and other parts of the West Bank.

Cold War Foes U.S., Russia, Spark Biggest Military Spending Jump In A Decade Global military spending surged the most in a decade last year, boosted by Cold War foes the United States and Russia, as well as China, Saudi Arabia, and India.