Saturday, March 02, 2013


* 3 Syrian mortars land in southern Golan Heights Three Syrian mortars landed near moshav Ramat Magshimim in the southern Golan Heights on Saturday afternoon.

* Syria, Iran say US aid to rebels will extend war Syria and Iran said Saturday that Washington's decision to provide aid to rebels will only prolong the fighting.

* Cardinals to discuss their pope-selection task The College of Cardinals will meet twice Monday to begin discussing the issues the Roman Catholic Church faces as the cardinals prepare to choose a successor to Benedict XVI, pope emeritus.

* Hamas warns Obama: Don't visit Temple Mount Designated terrorist group Hamas has warned President Obama against visiting the holy Temple Mount site in Jerusalem.

* Kerry arrives in Egypt seeking crucial reform US Secretary of State John Kerry is calling on bickering Egyptian leaders and opposition politicians to forge a political consensus.

* Barak to be first foreign counterpart to meet Hagel Defense Minister Ehud Barak will be the first foreign defense chief to meet with newly confirmed US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel.

* Ethiopian runner wins Jerusalem marathon Some 20,000 runners took part Friday morning in the Jerusalem marathon.

* 'Obama will cancel visit if no new Israeli coalition by March 16' President Barack Obama will call off his imminent visit to Israel if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has not managed to form a new governing coalition by March 16.

* Van Rompuy tells Britain: leaving EU "not free" One of Europe's most powerful officials cautioned Prime Minister David Cameron on Thursday that leaving the European Union could cost Britain dear.

* Netanyahu Planning New Construction Freeze Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu intends to "punish" the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria by freezing all new construction in the region.