Wednesday, July 16, 2014


IDF calls on 100,000 Gaza residents along Israeli border to evacuate homes Senior army official says ground offensive necessary to combat terror tunnels. It could take between a week and two weeks, and has high chances of being successful.

Report: Hamas proposes 10-year cease-fire in return for conditions being met Hamas demands release of Schalit deal prisoners who were re-arrested, the opening of Gaza border crossings.

Ministers Weigh Ground Offensive, Call Up More Reservists Experts: Israel has 'no choice' but to enter Gaza to meet bare-minimum goal of stopping Hamas rocket fire; 8,000 more reservists called up.

Netanyahu tells West: Israel won't rest until Gaza demilitarized Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Wednesday repeated his position that "Israel will continue to do what it needs to do to defend itself until peace and quiet are restored." 

Jihadist groups using Facebook, Twitter to spread their message The Islamic State (IS), an al-Qaida offshoot which has declared a Caliphate in Syria and Iraq, and other radical Islamic groups are widely using social media websites to promote their message, raise funds, and recruit members. 

Syria's Assad sworn in, takes swipe at West Ahead of his new 7-year term, president vows to strike at rebels in country and at their supporters worldwide.

Nato puts brakes on enlargement Nato announced earlier this July that it is shelving plans to welcome any new members during its forthcoming Wales summit.

Both Israel and Egypt Rejected Kerry's Assistance in Cease-Fire Negotiations Secretary of State John Kerry offered numerous times to fly to Cairo or Jerusalem to assist in cease-fire negotiations.

The Israeli Navy's 'Silent Commandos' in Gaza The IDF may be primarily using airstrikes to hit Hamas and other terrorists, but the navy is playing a significant role of its own.

Iran calls for nuclear deadline extension Foreign Minister Zarif stresses that he still hopes to secure deal by Sunday