Tuesday, July 28, 2015


'If Beit El Falls, the Government Must Fall' Tourism coordinator of town decries forces coming to demolish 'like thieves in the night,' calls on MKs to 'put the government down.'

Arab MKs Ascend Temple Mount, Meet with Jordanian Waqf Joint List visits Mount to protest Jewish visitors; video surfaces of MK Ahmed Tibi asking to eject Jews from the site.

Kurdish peace 'impossible' - Turkey's Erdogan The Turkish president has said his country cannot continue the peace process with the Kurds amid attacks by Kurdish militants on Turkish targets.

Arab man condemns sheik on Temple Mount for teaching children about 'martyrdom' Two minutes into the video, as the children begin chanting 'Allah Akbar' upon Al-Maghrabi's instruction, an unidentified Arab man approaches the sheik to condemn him.

Disengagement protesters reoccupy evacuated West Bank settlement Over 200 people take up positions at Sa-Nur, whose 40 families were forcibly cleared in 2005.

Where are the Babylonians? It was the Ninth of Av in summer of 1987. On the evening of this major fast day in the Hebrew calendar, I accompanied two friends to the Kotel, the Western Wall. 

Israel should support the YPG and gain a great friend in the Middle East Israeli humanitarian aid should be flowing into Rojava; the message should be absolutely clear: you aren't alone against IS.

Killer robots: Tech experts warn against AI arms race More than 1,000 tech experts, scientists and researchers have written a letter warning about the dangers of autonomous weapons.

The 3D printer revolution comes to the IAF New 3D printer can manufacture spare parts for fighter jets within hours, while a new American robot can do a job that takes five soldiers four days to do - in one night.

Turkey and Nato meet, plan IS-free zone Turkey is asserting its military strength against the Islamic State (IS) and the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) amid leaked plans to create a jihadist-free buffer zone in Syria.