Wednesday, November 04, 2020


 Five Middle East foreign policy crises for next US president The Middle East has always been a challenge for US presidents going back fifty years.

Israel's intelligence chief wants next US president to continue Abraham Accords. Eli Cohen told Ynet TV that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are "on the agenda" for recognizing the Jewish state.

Amid US-UAE arms deal and US election, Israelis wonder how balance of power in region might change The news of a proposed $10.4 billion deal for the US to sell up to 50 F-35 fighter jets to the UAE has raised questions among Israeli defense officials, who warn that it could have negative effects for Israel.

Xi Jinping calls for global cooperation to get economies back on track Chinese president tells China International Import Expo that all nations should promote ‘mutual openness’.

Civil War to Ensue From US Election: 'Repairing Sin of Cain Killing Abel' The 2020 US presidential election broke several records but still came up short, leaving the country without results.

Two thirds of voters think US is going in the wrong direction Exit polls show the main issues dividing Americans: coronavirus, the economy, & the racial divide.

Report Warns of Islamic Radicalization in France The commission found the consequences of radicalization alarming, particularly the "dissemination of behaviors that... directly affect freedom of conscience, equality between men and women, and the rights of homosexual persons".

Algerian analyst hits ‘Armenia’s hostile attitude towards Islam,’ says Erdogan ‘acts as protector of all Muslims’ Erdogan is positioning himself to restore the caliphate, and that seems to be fine with this Algerian analyst.

Serbia gets Washington’s attention as China builds influence in Balkans Donald Trump’s deal with Serbia and Kosovo hints at greater US spending in a region where China has invested billions.

Jerusalem cable car excavation work to begin in next few days Despite ongoing court case, project director says work will start within 2 weeks to move existing infrastructure; go-ahead already given to uproot trees along route.