Monday, November 17, 2014


CIA Blunder? Kurdish Leader Says ISIS Has '200,000 Fighters' CIA estimates put ISIS strength at no more than 31,500, but senior Kurdish official reveals that's 'impossible' given realities on ground.

China to Double Investment in Iran Iranian minister says China to raise infrastructure project funding from $25 billion to $52 billion despite western sanctions.

Poll: Glick Shooting Sparks More Support for Temple Mount Visits Survey reveals that far from discouraging Jews from visiting the Temple Mount, shooting of Yehuda Glick has only made them more determined.

Netanyahu Warns US: ISIS and Iran Must Both Lose PM says he fully supports US-led mission against ISIS, but warns against detente with Iran; 'Iran is not your friend. Iran is your enemy.'

There is No 'Status Quo' on the Temple Mount Everyone's talking about the 'status quo' on Judaism's holiest site. There's just one problem - if it ever existed, it doesn't now.

Watch: Erdogan claims Muslims discovered America before Columbus "Muslim sailors had arrived in the shores of America in 1178," Turkish president says.

Pope Francis unveils plans to visit US in September 2015 The Pope has announced plans to visit the US next September, his first trip there since his election last year.

Ukraine: EU fails to agree on new Russia sanctions The EU's foreign ministers have agreed to move towards placing more Ukrainian separatists under sanctions but not to increase sanctions on Russia, despite concern over escalating violence.

Hamas Leader: We Plan to Carry Out Terror from Judea and Samaria Senior Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Zahar says the movement will use any means available to terrorize Israelis.

Netanyahu told Jordan's king to take reins at Temple Mount - report PM said Abdullah and Waqf needed to take a larger role in preventing disturbances, while king called for MKs to end visits to holy site, according to new details of Amman talks.