Tuesday, June 09, 2020


What would Israel annexing the West Bank mean? Uncertainty remains over when, how or if Netanyahu will push for annexation.

Palestinian PM: Ramallah will declare state along pre-1967 border if Israel annexes West Bank Mohammad Shtayyeh says partial West Bank annexation an 'existential threat' to Palestinians.

A deal that pleases no one? Israeli settlers tell RT West Bank annexation gives too much to Palestinians (VIDEO) For left-wingers, Israel’s plan to absorb parts of the West Bank would harm Palestinian statehood.

Trump is Better Than the Two-State Solution President Trump has always shown unflinching courage in international affairs—except when it comes to the "Deal of the Century" plan for peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

Netanyahu: Israel Won’t Allow Iran to Gain Nuclear Weapons Israel will not allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday, adding the international community must join the U.S. and reimpose crippling sanctions on Tehran.

Iran Close to Nuclear Weapons Breakout Importantly, the United Nations' nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, has failed on several occasions accurately to detect Iran's nuclear activities.

China’s Xi Jinping is phoning EU friends rather than Donald Trump – but delicate conversations loom Chinese President Xi Jinping’s phone calls with top European leaders have become far more regular than those with his United States counterpart Donald Trump, as Beijing pivots to a Europe that is itself facing pressures from the US.

Arab MKs submit bill to limit Israel's borders and sovereignty to pre-1967 lines Joint Arab List MKs propose bill to 'end anomaly' and return Israel to indefensible pre-1967 borders.

Trump’s Plan Inspires Israelis to Expand Israel to Inside PA Controlled Regions of Judea-Samaria Car windshields throughout Judea and Samaria were plastered with flyers calling for a strategy against Trump’s Deal of the Century.

Locusts Swarms Cover 13 Countries; Expected to be 8,000 Times Larger Than Last Year The swarms of locusts that covered Africa last year returned, pushing several nations into a food crisis.