Tuesday, July 03, 2012


* Report describes brutal torture in Syria "Basat al reeh." "Dulab." "Falaqa." They are Arabic names for torture techniques that send chills through the hearts of Syrians.

* Iran Claims 'War Games' Test Missile Attack on Israel Iran claims it tested "tens" of short, medium and large-range missiles at a hypothetical enemy base, presumably Israeli and American.

* Iran lobs missiles in day 2 of 'Great Prophet' drill Iran on Tuesday successfully tested dozens of short-, medium- and long-range missiles on the second of a three-day military exercise.

* 'US quietly bolstering presence in Persian Gulf' The United States has quietly increased its military presence in the Persian Gulf to deter Tehran from attempting to shut the Strait of Hormuz.

* US sees stronger hints of Higgs Hints of the Higgs boson detected last year by a US "atom smasher" have become even stronger, scientists have said.

* Assad: I wish downed Turkish jet had been Israeli Syrian President Bashar Assad has told a Turkish newspaper he wished the Turkish plane that Syrian forces downed last month had been Israeli.

* Israelis, Palestinians: 2 states in 5 years unlikely Most Israelis and Palestinians view the chances of establishing an independent Palestinian state within the next five years as low or nonexistent.

* Iraq: 'Many killed' in series of bombings At least 25 people have been killed and 40 wounded in a truck bombing at a market in the Iraqi city of Diwaniya.

* Kenya Arrests Iranian Terrorists who Targeted Israelis Officials in Nairobi reported on Monday that two Iranian terrorists who were arrested in Kenya last week were planning to attack Israeli, American, British and Saudi targets in the country.

* Morsi to visit Iran next month, fueling hopes in Tehran for warmer ties Newly elected Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi is to travel to Iran next month.