Tuesday, December 01, 2015


* Germany to send 1,200 military to Middle East - France and Germany have opened the door to a cooperation with the Syrian army in the fight against Islamic State (IS), while Germany is to send 1,200 military in the Middle East in a move away from its usual non-intervention stance.

* Netanyahu confirms Israel strikes Syria "from time to time" - Prime minister acknowledges air force targets weapon transfers en route to Lebanon; hails coordination with Russia.

* Ex-US intel chief: US "dumb" to let ISIS chief go - Former DIA head and Iraq intel director says US was "too dumb" when it caught ISIS head in 2004 and classified him as "harmless".

* "Jews kill Palestinian children for their blood" - Senior Hamas leader in Gaza revives ancient blood libel claim on live television, claims Israelis kill Palestinians to make matzah.

* US urges Turkey and Russia to end row over downed plane - US President Barack Obama has urged Turkey and Russia to reduce tensions, a week after Turkish jets shot down a Russian warplane.

* Israel, Jordan unveil $800m joint plan for "Red-Dead" canal - As well as rejuvenating the rapidly diminishing Dead Sea, the canal will bring drinking water to both countries.

* First since WWII: Mein Kampf printed in Germany - Annotated version of genocidal Nazi leader's book to go on sale in Germany for $62 starting in January.

* Putin: Turkey shot down plane to protect ISIS oil - Moscow reiterates stance that Ankara has vested interests in keeping ISIS oil stocks protected as tiff over downed plane continues.

* Joint Staff Warns Islamic State Terrorists Travel to Europe Unimpeded - Refugee flow overwhelms counterterrorism efforts.

* War of words over South China Sea militarization heats up - Days after US President Barack Obama urged China to halt the militarization of newly-created islands in the South China Sea, China continues military deployments, exercises and construction in the disputed waterway.