Monday, April 20, 2020


BREAKING NEWS: Netanyahu, Gantz sign a unity government agreement  After three elections and 17 months of election campaigns and coalition negotiations, Netanyahu and Gantz had signed a deal for the establishment of a new government.

World War III Cometh: These Are 2020s 5 Most Dangerous Hotspots The prospect of global conflagration in 2020 is low. Everyone awaits the result of the U.S. election, and a better understanding of the direction of US policy for the next four years.

Stirrings of unrest around the world could portend turmoil as economies collapse As more than half the people in the world hunker down under some form of enforced confinement, stirrings of political and social unrest are pointing to a new, potentially turbulent phase in the global effort to stem the coronavirus pandemic.

The European Union is Dead but Does Not Yet Know It The truth is that there is no "Union".

18% spike in physical acts of antisemitism in 2019 - report Coronavirus antisemitism phenomenon shows 'revival of medieval blood libels'.

Global Jewish population hits 14.7 million - but remains far below pre-Holocaust peak Ahead of Holocaust Remembrance Day, report shows global Jewish population tops 14.7 million - but remains far below pre-Holocaust level.

Hezbollah Is the World's Most Heavily-Armed Non-State Actor Hezbollah's missile arsenal is mostly "small, man-portable and unguided surface-to-surface artillery rockets," that serve to terrorize Israel, despite the fact they are not precise guided munitions.

Settler leader: 'yes' to West Bank sovereignty, 'no' to Trump's peace plan Negotiations to form a government coalition and the Palestinian Authority diplomatic campaign against West Bank annexation have kept the topic of annexation in the headlines.

Denmark: Israel references removed from New Testament edition Some 60 direct references to land of Israel removed from new translation published as part of 'Bible 2020'.

Europe needs €1.5 TRILLION to recover or single market could 'break in two' - EU economy commissioner The European Union urgently requires financial injections to stay afloat and survive the coronavirus epidemic currently ravaging the continent, the European commissioner for economy, Paolo Gentiloni, has warned.

A Historic First: Al-Aqsa Mosque Closed for Ramadan Prayer at the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem's Old City will be banned during the Muslim holiday of Ramadan in order to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, Muslim clerics said on Thursday.