Friday, May 21, 2021


 Temple Mount Closed to Jews 18 Days and Counting; Arabs Riot and Ridicule Police On Friday, Prime Minister Netanyahu instructed the police to prevent Jews from ascending to the Temple Mount, making it the 18th consecutive day that Jews were prevented from visiting their holiest site.

Israel Police clash with Palestinians on Temple Mount Hamas has insisted that agreements were made concerning Jerusalem in the ceasefire, despite Israeli officials denying that any such agreements were made.

Israel-Gaza: The Democrats' 'tectonic' shift on the conflict The latest clashes between Israel and the Palestinians have revealed exactly how much the political centre of gravity in the Democratic Party has moved on the conflict in recent years.

On the Sidelines, Hezbollah Looms Large Over Gaza Battle Lebanon’s powerful Hezbollah militant group has stayed out of the fighting between Israel and Hamas.

Iran Celebrates ‘Great Victory of Oppressed Palestinians’ over Israel Iran praised what it called a “great victory” Friday by the Palestinian Hamas terrorist organization over Israel, claiming the truce between the two parties “humiliated” Israel after a confrontation that left more than 200 dead — the vast majority Palestinians.

Iran and Hamas’s Jerusalem/Gaza offensive against Israel BEHIND THE LINES: As ever, Iran prefers to avoid direct involvement. But without its backing, support and expertise, the latest Hamas offensive against Israel would have been inconceivable.

Could this be the idea that secures peace for Israelis and Palestinians? "Peace for peace.” That’s how Benjamin Netanyahu described the Abraham Accords, the peace deals that Israel signed with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain in September.

Is the Biden Administration an Enemy of Israel and the Free World? Biden made no distinction between a democratic ally of the United States and a terrorist organization he did not even name.

Bernie Sanders Comes Down Hard on Israel, About Which He Knows Little Bernie Sanders doesn’t much care for Israel. Nor does he know much about it. Both his ignorance and his palpable want of sympathy are on display in his recent Op/Ed for the New York Times, where he accepts uncritically the the charges made by Hamas against Israel this past week.

Russia Pressures Ukraine, to Little Avail What Moscow is after with its renewed military pressure on Kyiv is unclear, but the long-term ramifications are discernible.