Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Watch: Israel celebrates 68 years Opening ceremonies for Israel's 68th Independence Day begin at Har Herzl in Jerusalem. 

The whole country is full of flags...  On Wednesday evening, an amazing transformation will take place in Israel's mood. 

Turkey? In the EU?  On April 25, Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Simsek, while speaking at the High-Level EU-Turkey Economic Dialogue meeting in Istanbul, said that the full membership process to the European Union was Turkey's most crucial strategic target. 

IS conflict: Dozens killed in Baghdad car bombings  At least 93 people have been killed in three car bomb attacks in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, police and medics say. 

Iran threatens to sink US warships  Islamic Republic's naval forces claim secret weapons arsenal at the ready to hit any US warship, brands America 'absolute evil.' 

PA PM: We're following the path of the Nazi Mufti  Hamdallah declares PA is continuing the path of the 'pure-hearted son of Palestine,' Haj Amin al-Hussein, who conspired with Hitler. 

Russia says US missile system breaches nuclear INF treaty  Russia's foreign ministry says US activation of a European missile defence shield in Romania, scheduled for Thursday, violates a treaty on nuclear forces. 

French PM slams UNESCO Jerusalem resolution as 'unfortunate, clumsy'  Manuel Valls describes UNESCO's references to Israel, vows to 'never deny the Jewish presence and Jewish history in Jerusalem.' 

Report: Homegrown Violent Extremists Planting Roots Across U.S.  Foiled ISIS attacks, plots, and terror funding grows across nation. 

Why Terrorism Thrives in West Africa  Great civilizations existed in northern Nigeria before the West ever set foot there.