Friday, June 03, 2016


Paris summit ends with vague call for international conference by year's end  Participants warn time is running out on two-state solution, blame violence and settlement activity, but don't set timeline for progress. 

WATCH: Islamic Jihad 'cubs' demonstrate killing of IDF soldiers at Gaza kindergarten  Footage emerges from graduation ceremony for kindergarten run by Palestinian terrorist group. 

Hamas, other terror groups: Paris talks 'infringe on our rights'  Hamas, Islamic Jihad, DFLP and PFLP make joint statement against Paris talks for not including Palestinian 'right of return.' 

The precise number of Jews in the West Bank  In the new report, the Jewish population stats are broken down into towns and regions and detail growth since Dec. 31, 2010. 

State Department: ISIS is 'greatest terror threat in the world'  Annual report finds ISIS remains the greatest worldwide terrorist threat, while Iran is still the leading state sponsor of terrorism. 

Why is Shi'ite Iran backing Sunni Hamas?  Hamas politburo member praises 'natural' ties, even though Iran is fighting and killing Sunnis throughout the region. 

Former Israeli and US officials unveil security-based proposals for two-state solution  The CIS report, entitled 'Security First' aims to be a 'plan of action to extricate Israel from the security dead end and to improve its security situation and international standing.'

MK Glick: 'Netanyahu in his heart is with the settlers'  New MK Glick at Oz VeGaon memorial site calls to 'bring peace' by building in Judea-Samaria, demands sovereignty in region. 

Thousands attended Pride Parade in Tel Aviv  2016 Pride events highlight women in the LGBT community; after event in Gan Meir, parade is making its way through Tel Aviv's major streets towards Charles Clore Park, where beach party will commence. 

UN: Islamic State increasingly focused on international attacks  Report says terrorist group moving into new phase as it faces pressure in Iraq and Syria.