Thursday, December 12, 2013


Lawmakers grill White House adviser on secret Iran talks Lawmakers are raising questions about the secret US diplomacy with Iran that led to last month's nuclear breakthrough.

Covering Kiev: Jews fear opposition's anger might turn against them I'm standing in Kiev's Town Hall on Wednesday, down the street from the city‚Äôs Maidan ("Independence") Square.

Experts: West Losing War of Ideas with Radical Jihadist, Islamist Groups The West is losing the war of ideas with radical jihadist and Islamist groups.

Russia Warns America 'We Will Respond With Nukes' Deputy PM says Moscow "preparing a response" to U.S. plans for missile shield in Europe.

India's Gay Rights Movement Rises Up After Supreme Court Criminalizes Homosexuality A controversial Supreme Court ruling on Wednesday morning that reinstated an archaic colonial law criminalizing homosexuality incited outrage.

Bavaria Retracts Reprint Plans for Mein Kampf Germany's Bavaria state has pledged to maintain an effective post-war ban on Adolf Hitler's manifesto Mein Kampf.

Kerry arrives in Israel to continue push for peace, after snowstorm delayed visit US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived back in the Middle East on Thursday.

Australia high court overturns ACT gay marriage law Australia's High Court has overturned legislation allowing gay marriage in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

Flurries return to Jerusalem as night falls A rare and heavy winter snowstorm hit parts of Israel, including Jerusalem, Wednesday night and Thursday.

Neo-Nazi symbol spreads in Europe In recent months, the researchers warn, anti-Semites have been taking advantage of the lack of public awareness of the new "salute" and taking pictures of themselves performing the salute.