Wednesday, April 29, 2020


Israel: Unusual Independence Day celebrated under nationwide curfew conditions Open trucks crisscrossed the streets blasting festive music to citizens indoors.

The secret of Israel's military - revealed IDF reveals the secret to its continued success. Hint: It's not the weapons.

Ahead of Arab League session, Russia reiterates opposition to 'annexation' The Russian announcement came on the eve of an extraordinary meeting of Arab foreign ministers to discuss the "dangers" of the Israeli "annexation" plan.

The United Nations Human Rights Council Praises Iran One of the worst examples we can identify as a conscious distortion of reality is the way in which the UN Human Rights Council, in its February-March 2020 five-year report on the Islamic Republic of Iran, lavished praise on the despotic regime.

Israel Independence Day: A Day to Praise Hashem As the day to memorialize Israel's fallen went out on Tuesday evening, Israelis and Lovers of Zion around the world wiped away their tears and began to celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the modern manifestation of God's promise to the patriarchs.

Europe is worried about Chinese corporate takeovers tied to Covid-19 As Europe enters a recession induced by the spread of the novel coronavirus, officials are bracing for another possible wave of takeovers and acquisitions by Chinese companies, much like they saw after the 2008 financial crisis.

Afghanistan: America Moving Out, China Moving In - with Help from Iran Both the United Kingdom and the U.S. State Department have complained to China about the free flow of Chinese weapons to Iran, which then wind up with the Taliban. These include surface-to-air missiles, rocket-propelled grenades, artillery shells, and land mines.

Go battle Covid-19 at home! Chinese Navy 'expels US warship from territorial waters' A US warship was "expelled" from disputed South China Sea waters after Beijing's navy scrambled fighter jets and naval assets to escort it away, accusing Washington of "provocative" actions at sea.

If Moscow and Riyadh think they can put the U.S. shale industry out of business, they'd better think again U.S. companies may go bankrupt, but Putin and MBS need petrodollars to keep their citizens from rioting.

Why Kim Jong Un dying may not be a good thing As stories continue to bubble to the surface regarding the health and potential demise of North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, social media has already taken to making memes about the leader of the reclusive state, celebrating the death of a man many see as a modern day tyrannical despot.