Thursday, June 11, 2015


Did Netanyahu Order IDF to Strike Iran? A heated debate at the recent Jerusalem Post Annual Conference in New York highlighted that back in 2010, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apparently ordered Israel's defense establishment to attack Iran's nuclear facilities, or to prepare to do so.

Iran nuclear talks: Israel denies bugging venues Israel has denied it bugged talks on Iran's nuclear programme, after a security company said a computer virus hacked the venues of the negotiations.

US, Israel Air Forces Sign Strategic Agreement Israel and the U.S. have signed an important strategic air force agreement, the Israel Air Force revealed Monday.

ISIS Forces 'Israeli Spy' to Dig His Own Grave in Sinai Sinai ISIS cell uploads new video of alleged Mossad spy being made to dig his grave in the sand before being shot point-blank.

Iran: General Urges Recruits to Fight in Syria as Assad Stumbles Revolutionary Guards officer calls on Basij militia recruits to help save Syrian regime; warns if not 'we'll have to fight ISIS in Tehran.'

UN report suggests Iran's satellite tech advancing ballistic missile program The technology platform is based on a variant of the Shahab-3 ballistic missile, considered one of two Iranian missiles that may potentially be able to deliver a nuclear payload.

Americans will 'lose their life and existence' in fight against Iran, says Iranian official Iranian Admiral: "The Americans have realized today that if they embark on war they will sustain defeat, given the Islamic Revolution's capabilities."

Turkey: Erdogan Ends Unusual Media Silence, Lashes Out at West Turkish president ends unusually-long period of silence after election defeat, calls for unity government.

Hezbollah battling IS on Syria-Lebanon border, Nasrallah says Terror group head says dozens of IS fighters, several Hezbollah men left dead in clashes, vows to see fight through.

Nearly 600 "martyrs" of ISIS massacre exhumed from mass grave in Iraq The remains of almost 600 Iraqi soldiers believed to have been massacred last June by Islamic State militants have been exhumed at the Speicher military base in Iraqi Tikrit, the country's minister announced.