Monday, July 18, 2016


The Iran nuclear deal: One year on  Tehran feels emboldened and is now better positioned to pursue its aggressive aims in the Middle East, including stepping up its presence in Syria and intensifying its ballistic missile activities. 

Turkish 'failed coup' fallout: US Nuclear Bombers Under Siege At Incirlik Airbase  Following the failed Turkish coup, U.S. military operations out of Turkey's giant Incirlik Air Base - critical in the ongoing campaign against ISIS - came to a halt Saturday afternoon as the Turkish military closed the airspace around the base and suspended all US-led operations, mostly targeting the Islamic State. 

France falls silent in aftermath of terror  France to hold a moment of silence at midday, as details of the Nice terror attack emerge. Sarkozy: 'We are at war. It will be us or them.' 

* 'Yes' to death penalty will mean 'No' to EU membership, EU warns Turkey  Reinstating the death penalty in Turkey would end EU accession talks, a German government spokesman has stated. 

Over 16,000 purged in Turkey as West warns Ankara over crackdown  Some 7,500 people have been arrested and another 9,000 fired after failed putch; US and EU urge Ankara to respect rule of law. 

Arab MK claims Israel 'murdered' Yasser Arafat  Many Palestinians continue to believe that Arafat was poisoned by Israel because he was an obstacle to peace. Israel has denied any involvement. 

Iraqi marshlands named as Unesco world heritage site  Area made up of four archaeological sites and three wetland marshes in southern Iraq was once ravaged by Saddam Hussein. 

Middle East Migration: Muslims Out, Jews In  According to the UN Population Division, there are today 244 million immigrants or people living in a country other than their own, 60 million of whom are refugees. 

Temple Mount Flooded With (Virtual) Israeli Flags [PHOTOS]  After Haim Brosh was arrested last week for posting on Facebook a photoshopped image of himself on the Temple Mount proudly waving an Israeli flag, supporters throughout Israel have flooded the social media channel with doctored photos of their own. 

How will Turkey's failed coup affect ISIL, NATO and the refugee crisis?  Few would doubt Turkey's strategic importance: straddling Europe and Asia it is a key player in Middle East stability at a time of unprecedented volatility.