Monday, December 14, 2015


* "The light of Israel will overcome the darkness terror spreads"  President Rivlin participated in a candle-lighting ceremony with United Nations ambassadors and World Jewish Congress officials. 

Arabs aren't fighting ISIL and here's why  Arab states are mostly 'laying low" in the fight against Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) for a few main reasons, analysts say. 

IS conflict: Turkey withdraws some troops from Iraq camp  Turkey is withdrawing some of its troops stationed at a base in Iraq, the country's state-run news agency says.  

ISIS and Muslim Brotherhood share 'same ideology with different actions'  "I believe that political Islam carries the religion of Islam towards the inferno of conflict," said Fehmi Jadaane, a Jordanian researcher. 

'Our relations with Turkey are at the point of their deepest crisis in history'  Planned Putin-Erdogan summit canceled, a Kremlin spokesman said on Monday. 

Survey: 60% of Palestinians support violent intifada against Israel  Support for a two-state solution is on the decline; 40% of Gazans are looking to emigrate to places such as Europe. 

Report: ISIS has started murdering babies with Down's Syndrome  According to unconfirmed reports from Mosul, at least 38 babies have allegedly been killed by lethal injection or asphyxiation. 

Merkel: Migrant crisis 'historic test' for Europe  The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has described the migrant crisis as a "historic test" for Europe. 

"One Christian Slaughtered Every Five Minutes"  Throughout September, as more Christians were slaughtered and persecuted for their religion -- not just by the Islamic State but by "everyday" Muslims from all around the world -- increasing numbers of people and organizations called for action. 

What our Founding Fathers' had to say about indiscriminate immigration  President Obama claims that restricting immigration in order to protect national security is "offensive and contrary to American values."