Thursday, February 08, 2018


North Korea holds military parade ahead of Winter Olympics North Korea has held a military parade attended by leader Kim Jong-un, a day before the opening of the Winter Olympics in the South.

5 Reasons Why Israel is Ready for War With Hezbollah in Lebanon 12 years ago, Hezbollah and Israel were left gutted by a summer war that was costly for both sides.

Turkish leader declares jihad on Kurds, dispatches soldiers to "decimate" them Erdogan launched what Islamists are openly calling a jihad against the Kurdish YPG faction.

Analysts: Israel's headed to a war in Syria, and only Russia can stop it With new report, the Crisis Group, a think tank and advocacy organization, tries to get Moscow to accept role of mediator between Israel, Hezbollah and Iran.

US air, artillery strike Hizballah, Iranian forces in E. Syria The US and Russia took military action in the last 48 hours to show the bit-players in the Syrian war that they are not calling the shots for the next moves.

Islamic London: "Run, Hide, Tell" To understand the development of Islam in Western countries, I make a habit of visiting Muslim-majority areas such as in Lakemba in Australia, Lodi in California, and Lunel in France.

Trump Envoy Tells Palestinians to Stop Denying Jewish History As far as Israel is concerned, denial of the Jewish historical and religious connection to this land, and especially to Jerusalem, is the primarily roadblock to peace at present.

Islamic State threatens to invade Paris in "near future," destroy Eiffel Tower The Islamic State has been issuing a good many threats that have proven to be empty.