Wednesday, December 15, 2010


* 'Stuxnet virus set back Iran’s nuclear program by 2 years' The Stuxnet virus, which has attacked Iran’s nuclear facilities and which Israel is suspected of creating, has set back the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program by two years.

* Intelligence Reports Offer Dim View of Afghan War As President Obama prepares to release a review of American strategy in Afghanistan that will claim progress in the nine-year-old war there, two new classified intelligence reports offer a more negative assessment.

* 'Nazism, Islam shared common enemies - the Jews' A newly released report by the US National Archives details the close collaborative relationship between Nazi leaders and the grand mufti of Jerusalem.

* British PM: We have not done enough to stop Islamic extremism in the U.K. Britain admitted lapses in its attempts to tackle Islamist militancy on Wednesday after an attack in Sweden.

* Hamas anniversary: Ismail Haniya addresses Gaza rally Hamas leader Ismail Haniya says the Islamist movement is committed to Palestinian national reconciliation in order to fight the Israeli occupation.

* Wen says world big enough for India and China growth Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao began a visit to India on Wednesday, pledging to improve market access for Indian companies.

* Chavez seeks power to rule by decree for 1 year Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Tuesday asked congress to grant him special powers to enact laws by decree for one year.

* Mitchell: U.S. remains committed to pursue substantive Mideast talks U.S. envoy George Mitchell said Wednesday his country remained committed to the two-state solution and Mideast peace.

* Austria: Judge Rules That Yodeling Offends Muslims It seems as though in Austria, the popular yodel is an insult to Muslims.

* Palestinians warn Israeli settlers: 'Over our dead bodies' A grassroots initiative urges West Bankers to stop land confiscations by burying their dead in rural areas.