Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Israel Downs Syrian Fighter Jet with Patriot Missiles The last time a Syrian jet was downed by Israel was in 2014.

IDF after downing plane: We warned Syria against entering Israeli airspace Israeli military says it stressed repeatedly it would not allow breach; adds Sukhoi fighter jet took off from Iran-linked base, traveled two kilometers over Golan Heights border.

Turkish President Erdogan says 'spirit of Hitler has re-emerged in racist Israel' President Erdogan of Turkey has launched an astonishing attack on Israel - saying the "spirit of Hitler has re-emerged" among administrators.

Israel rebukes Turkey's Erdogan over 'Hitler' comparison Israel's prime minister has angrily rebuffed comments by the Turkish president who called Israel the "most fascist, racist state" in the world.

Rabbis Worried After Stone Falls Out of Jerusalem's Western Wall One of the large ancient cut stones making up what's now known as the "Western Wall" of Jerusalem's Temple Mount fell from its place and crashed to the platform below early Monday morning.

How Iran Could Use a Chinese Military Strategy to Wage War Against America After reading the whole report, along with just a quick parsing of many other documents and resources on Iran's military over the years, one can easily come to the conclusion that Iran's forces, when confronted close to its shores, would not be easily subdued.

The Real Conflict with Iran The mullahs should fear financial warfare, not a military assault.

Should We Be Anticipating War With Iran? No, but It Could Get Nasty The escalating invective between President Trump and Iran's leaders, reminiscent of the president's bombastic exchanges with North Korea, have raised fears of a military confrontation in the Persian Gulf - a vital conduit for global oil supplies - or perhaps even something bigger.

The US in Eurasia: New Challenges EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 left the US the sole indisputable world power with almost unlimited resources.

Netanyahu's message to parents around the world PM Netanyahu tells parents around the world about terrorist attack on preschool as the children were playing. 'Hug your children'.