Wednesday, May 03, 2017


Putin & Trump discuss Iranians on Israel's border Israel was seriously dismayed Wednesday, May 3, when first reports reached Jerusalem about the telephone conversation between Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin Tuesday.

Iran's Shadow Wars Eclipse it's nuclear threat, says expert Afshon Ostavar says Tehran's highly influential Revolutionary Guard Corps has combined ideology and practicality in an effective way, producing results in Syria, Lebanon and Gaza.

UNESCO Makes Outrageous Move Denying Israel's Sovereignty in Jerusalem - on Independence Day As millions of Israeli and diaspora Jews marked Israel's 69th Independence Day, the United Nations cultural body UNESCO voted Tuesday to adopt a resolution denying Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem.

Israelis expect big things from Trump's upcoming visit US President Donald Trump is expected to visit Israel later this month, and many believe he's going to use the occasion to drop a couple of diplomatic bombshells.

ANALYSIS: Alleged Israel strikes raise stakes in face-off with Hezbollah In March, minister Naftali Bennett threatened to send Lebanon back to the Middle Ages if Hezbollah provoked another war.

Trump says he will launch new Middle East peace process Though expectations are low, plans are being firmed up for Trump to visit the Israeli leader in Jerusalem and possibly Abbas in the West Bank, possibly on May 22-23.

ANALYSIS: The new Hamas charter- No moderation here Hamas hopes that by showing the world a more moderate face - and having the world accept that fiction - it will be able to maneuver out of its current bind.

Trump tells Abbas 'very good chance' of Mid-East peace deal US President Donald Trump has said there is "a very good chance" of a Middle East peace deal, during talks with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.

US Commandos Set to Counter North Korean Nuclear Sites U.S. special operations forces are set to conduct operations against North Korean nuclear, missile, and other weapons of mass destruction sites in any future conflict, the commander of Special Operations Command told Congress Tuesday.

Battle with Brussels: Theresa May accuses EU of trying to influence general election (VIDEO) In her toughest words yet, Prime Minister Theresa May has accused European officials of trying to influence the result of Britain's general election with threats of harsh Brexit terms.