Thursday, April 15, 2021


 Independence Day: In 73 years, Israel has accomplished so much - editorial As Israel celebrates its 73rd birthday on Thursday, it is worth remembering that there are those who have said from the very beginning that it cannot survive.

Independence Day Special: 10 Biblical Prophecies Fulfilled in Israel Today [WATCH] On Israel’s 73rd Independence Day, a new video released by the World Mizrachi movement reveals ten living prophecies written in the Bible that are coming true today in 2021.

Ascending to Har Habayit The spiritual experience of praying on the Temple Mount awakens gratitude for the miracles we have seen along with yearning for Redemption.

11 PA political parties express their rejection of Israel's right to exist in their logos As Israel celebrates its 73rd birthday, nearly 1/3 of the 36 Palestinian parties running in the upcoming PA elections have logos that include the PA map that erases Israel, presenting all of Israel as “Palestine.”

1 big thing: U.S. intelligence expects a stormy year in the Middle East Ongoing conflicts, economic crises and the fallout from COVID-19 will likely destabilize several countries in the Middle East in 2021 and could even put some on the brink of collapse, according to the U.S. intelligence community's annual Threat Assessment Report, released on Tuesday.

US cancels warships deployment to Black Sea: Turkish officials Turkey said last week the US will send two warships to the Black Sea, a decision Russia called unfriendly provocation.

Saudi Arabia says it is concerned about Iran uranium enrichment Saudi Arabia said on Wednesday it was concerned about Iran’s intention to start enriching uranium to 60% purity and said such a move could not be considered part of a peaceful nuclear programme.

Palestine condemns Boris Johnson for opposing ICC Israel investigation PM accused of giving ‘carte blanche to Israel’ by saying court had no right to examine alleged war crimes.

Turkish delegation to visit Egypt for ‘normalisation’ talks The visit in May will be followed by a meeting between the Egyptian and Turkish foreign ministers, says Turkish FM.

China Hints Its Military Activity near Taiwan a ‘Rehearsal’ for Invasion China’s latest military exercise near Taiwan on Monday “could be a rehearsal of a reunification-by-force operation,” China’s state-run Global Times suggested Tuesday.