Tuesday, May 28, 2019


Ten Day Old Red Heifer Candidate Checked For Eligibility Rabbinic experts traveled this week from Jerusalem to two separate locations in Israel where a small number of red heifer candidates are being raised, as part of the Temple Institute's Raise a Red Heifer in Israel program, initiated four years ago.

Analysis: Syrian war is once again escalating Islamist rebels, with Turkish support, push back against Syrian regime and its Russian ally, as US accuses Syrian army of chemical attacks.

US officials on WW3 Alert: Footage reveals disturbing test at Iran's secret military base The US military is on alert after Iran released a disturbing video revealing a secret underground base which has a huge stockpile of missiles - amid fears of attack on American troops.

Knesset Dispersal Bill Passes First Reading "There is no reason to paralyze the country for another year and a half and waste billions when there is a solution [to the dispute over the conscription bill]," Netanyahu said.

Another Election? What is It Good For? In his short announcement last night, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu charged that Avigdor Liberman is ready to send Israelis back to the voting booth over semantics.

Merkel, Macron clash in search of "Mr or Ms Europe" German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron disagreed on Tuesday over who should be the next chief of the European Commission as EU leaders met to begin bargaining over candidates for the bloc's top jobs in the next five years.

Did Putin win the EU elections? European populists have proclaimed victory at the EU vote. Should the Kremlin rejoice?

What Next in Europe? In the European Parliament elections, held last week, parties critical of the direction of the European Union made substantial, but not decisive, gains.

Christian Archaeologist Attacked by Palestinian Authority in their Legal Battle Against Biblical Archaeology The Israeli Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Bible last week in a case brought by the Palestinian Authority in which they tried to have archaeology in Judea and Samaria declared a crime.

It is Not Surprising to See an Increase in Jew-hatred in Western Europe "But Israel is doing bad things to the Palestinians," the European apologists insist, "and we are sensitive to the plight of the underdog."